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I have only ever owned Nvidia cards, and my mother board is sli compatible so I could upgrade if needed. Between only ever owning Nvidia products and never having problems and the ability to SLI i will not switch to amd.
Hey everyone! I have been looking recently for a new Nvidia graphics card for my computer and i would like to keep the budget around 300$. So far i was looking at the ..... i have a dual monitor set up but i only use one to play games, any suggestions or input would be great.
Also just picked up some ARCTIC MX4 Thermal Paste - 4gram, if anyone needs any it's practically free on newegg today.
My wife recently downsized my home office to a small hutch so I had to buy a smaller tower, I ended up buying a Chieftec Bravo because of the VESA mount and relative small form factor. The reviews of the cases gaming ability are not the best due to poor airflow so I was planning on adding some extra fans and a CORSAIR H80i to cut down on heat. The only components I still need to buy are the CPU, CPU cooler, motherboard, and memory . I have already ordered / own all the...
I have a fairly new nvidia gpu that I was going to reuse, but for the life of me I cant think of the model...
Hey everyone, just wanted to see if I could get some advice on a computer I would like to build after my deployment. I already have a few of the components like hard drives, gpu, psu, operating system, and optical drives so im not worried about that. See Below
Gratz..... When you finish building it i expect to see build photos!
Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi Depends on ya budget for a new one.... If you don't want to spend cash, it'll still be much better than onboard. If it would make a big diffrence then I would be willing to spend around 100-200$ on a new card, although i dont think i would see that much of a performance upgrade over my current one. Quote: Originally Posted by Zippit You could do a DIY mod and solder on some new...
Rainbow six vegas is still fun after all these years!
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