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autorun based infections have been around for ever, but nothing this in-depth. That's awesome, can't wait until a client gets one -- I take that back, its actually baked into the firmware.. Well then :|
Touche, your reasons are valid.
Skyrim had immaculate audio quality for me, are you using on-board sound on your Biostar? From personal experience, I've had nothing but issues and static/hissing from on-board solutions... Have you considered a dedicated solution given your apparent hearing acuity?
ITS A BETA THEY'LL PATCH IT!!!!!!!Still a pile, shouldn't have been released, even in alpha
I don't see what the big deal is, I think its extremely interesting. Makes me wonder if it changed my own outlooks on political events or gun control... Its exactly what the NSA was doing, and I find it more fascinating that frightening. I would love to see their results
Turn down for what? Turn down for this.
lol all the petitions demanding GTA V for PC, and then all the excitement when its finally announced. Their release cycle has not changed sense.. what.. GTA 3? Current gen, then 6/8 months later PC and new gen if applicable... I dont understand how everyone seems to forget this.
The increase in tick rate does not change updates your client sends to the server, it instead, changes how frequently your client requests updates from the server. You have no disadvantage by increasing the update (tick) rate on your client as it only provides you with new data faster.To everyone wondering about network smoothing in combination with tick rate. Smoothing is a buffer for updates so the game models actions and movement transitions are more fluid. If you have...
Comcast TWC and Verizon cover 100% of the United States. Google fiber is only available in select cities. As an ISP, they have the right standing, but it really doesn't mean anything. If they controlled more of the market, then it would matter, because customers could switch.The real issue here is that customers don't have the ability to switch to another provider that has the same service level as the major players. Essentially allowing them (TWC, Comcast, Verizon) to do...
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