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I hope you get an adjustment :|
They put the video forward as, "Oh wow everything was cool until the VOLCANO!!! (implying it would be significant changes to game play, or heavy effects, or anything at all) Turns out, they just enable a very minor ash particulate and then do some backdrop changes. I don't understand why this would even be mentioned, let alone a huge video of OMG look how amazing this volcano is that we designed. I've seen better effects in my toilet after taco TuesdayOh wait I get the...
OMG EVERYTHING WAS FINE, UNTIL THE VOLCANO!!! (tiny ash particulate, nothing else, minor backdrop changes, bags tipped over) Holy **** there's more excitement when a damn tower falls over in BF3. They can't expect people to be impressed with this.. However game play looks like Titanfall but worse, and no titans.They could have done so much more, thick volcanic ash obscuring vision, volcanic rocks falling into the playable areas that cause fires/change player paths..
[qHe stole a soda then shot himself eleven times... Nothing to see here.
I hope its close to 2 years for doing something like this... If its done by a minor, at least 1 year in juvenile hall.
So, nuke Brazil? Imagine how good online games would be again...
autorun based infections have been around for ever, but nothing this in-depth. That's awesome, can't wait until a client gets one -- I take that back, its actually baked into the firmware.. Well then :|
Touche, your reasons are valid.
Skyrim had immaculate audio quality for me, are you using on-board sound on your Biostar? From personal experience, I've had nothing but issues and static/hissing from on-board solutions... Have you considered a dedicated solution given your apparent hearing acuity?
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