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So, everyone knows military base internet isn't the best.. But, my wireless adapter keeps disconnecting, and then goes into a reset loop. Then eventually starts working again.. I have a laptop with an Intel wireless nic and it has zero issues connected to the same ssid.. Here is what event viewer is kicking out.. Running windows 10 64bit The network interface "NETGEAR WNDA3100v3 N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter" has begun resetting. There will be a momentary...
I was thinking perhaps the heat-sink lost contact during shipping, its a very heavy unit on the Strix and only held on with 4 spring screws.. But who knows.. Robitic espionage is also possible
Looks like it was the ticket, went from 80C to 60C with the same ambient temps and game/settings... Also instability and artifacts gone lol
Pulled the cooler and there was plenty of TIM that was still soft. Cleaned everything off and put some Liquid Ultra on there.. Before it would hit 75C on the GPUz benchmark, now it hits 64C, fans turn on, and it starts going back down.. I'm gonna do more tests and play some games that were causing problems before and see what I get. But so far it looks promising
At full load GPU-z is showing 1.212v core
Never thought you'd see that title eh? So, I snatched up a 980 Strix from ebay. Card is in immaculate condition and box came with all the accessories (Even the stickers) Issue is, temps climb to 80C fairly quick, fans go 100% and power target never gets above 90% due to thermal throttling.. Considering this is one of the best cooled 980s, I figure the thermal interface has gotta be the issue.. But before I pull the card apart, anyone have other ideas? Thanks!
Ended up going with a used Asus 980 Strix for a cool $420 So, future SLi will crush stuff.. Thanks for the help!
I've been looking around for a while, on a tight budget, looking for great 1080P performance (GTA 5/BF4/Fallout 4 ect) Buying used is fine, looking for some ideas on what would be a good solution. Trying to keep it under $400. Current thoughts, Some used 970s in SLi, one 980.. maybe two 960s in SLi.. I just don't know. I want something that I can buy and be set with for the foreseeable future.. These 460s have lasted me quite a while (bought them when they first came out...
Ageing 680?... I'm here with a 144hz monitor and two GTX 460s in SLi lol No plans to upgrade Q_Q
@geoxileExactly, and their margins for performance differences are laughably massive. @xzamples From a CPU standpoint, the 4670K is unquestionably faster, however, if you were to take Battlefield 4 running MANTLE, the APU would perform better. They use these extremely specific cases, to make broad statements about their processors. "Our CPU is 50% faster!" What they don't say, is its one specific benchmark, or one extremely specialized combination, that happens to work...
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