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Finally a reason to go outside without cloths on. Take that government!
Don't forget, MXC was always Most Extreme Elimination Challenge
Well that sucks hard man... So the PSU currently connected has no 4pin cpu power? Thats kind of a must have. Wont work without it.
I wish you the best of luck man, I had a Phenom II 955 Black Edition that wouldn't stay below 50C at idle, and that was with a Noctua NH-D14.. Load would push it to 62C, all the fans would scream.. Even under-clocked it would do this.. I re-seated the heatsink, tried every thermal paste under the sun, bought multiple different heatsinks (stock, Hyper212+, NH-D14) none could keep it cool. My final solution was to go Intel... i've had no issues sense that change......
Mantle gets AMD CPUs closer to ivy in modern games. Its an awesome API for people on a budget to get high end performance out of inefficient, and inexpensive processors. Intel based systems see sub 10% increases with Mantle, while AMD systems see significant improvements (In Battlefield 4)
Just tossing this out there to see what you think. In you opinion would the 750ti be a viable and practical upgrade for a GTX 460? Or would it be better to wait for the 860?.. As you may be able to tell by system specs, my 460 is a little outdated
Honestly I upgraded from a Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition clocked at 4ghz to a 4670K (still running stock) and I couldn't be happier, not only is the CPU amazingly fast, but its cooler (even compared to stock speeds on the 955). Plus you get intel chipset drivers and their Sata6 controller. Personally I had nothing but trouble with AMDs sata controller on my old 870A-UD3, BSODs out of nowhere every month or two, and the partition was completely toast, just showed as RAW in...
Good thing they aren't turning crypto-currency into a joke.........
I've got my CCNA so it would be fun to get back into the Cisco CLI, just as an honest question what are you thinking for that used Cisco box?
^IndeedYou would have unlimited access, to my movie server :| Enjoy LOTR all you want, is okay.I think your idea about a simple diy box with pfSense is perfect... Might be able to snatch an old watchguard from work actually, they're dropping like flies
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