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Wow! Such professional looking work. I definitely want to see more!   (PS. This is my first post in 2 or 3 years and I couldn't help but put it here!)
 The title says Professional Nominations but the first post says its for the amateur class??
Was scrolling through and then all of a sudden, what the hell!? I want more!
Shouldn't matter which way they go back on, if the reset button doesn't work afterwards, you'll just have to switch the header round on the mobo like normal.If the plastic lost its shape its still ok so long as the pins still make contact with the mobo pins ok.
That is correct. I have no wire showing. I used a lighter to shrink the HS and it doesn't nearly put out enough heat to melt the solder so its all ok to do.In my FT02 I sleeved from the tip of the front panel connectors (bit that plugs into the mobo) to an inch or so from the other end under the plastic lid bit. As no ones gonna see that end of the cable, I didn't sleeve them to the end.Sorry but I can't actually get pics now. I just installed a H80i and the rad is way to...
I just sleeved 3 of these fans a few weeks ago. I simply unsoldered the wires, put sleeve on the cable, slipped one piece of big heatshrink over the cable but didn't shrink it yet, slipped 3 little pieces of little HS over each wire but didn't shrink them yet, re soldered each wire back on just using the old solder, shrunk the 3 little pieces of HS over each soldered wire and then tidied up by shrinking the bigger HS over the lot.I haven't had any issues with them at all...
Oh damn I can relate to that! Planning a wedding is about the most stressful thing I've ever had to do. I'm getting married in about 3 and a half weeks. Good luck with the final details!
Oh silverstone...I'll subscribe.
Only the 180mm fan cables were sleeved in mine.Heres what I did with mine though obviously in a black case...........
Some good advice, don't mix up the wires! If you are removing multiple wires at a time, label them each very clearly so you know exactly where to put them back in. I sometimes take pics of the different coloured wires in the connector aswell just to be sure. Have fun and enjoy the prettiness.
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