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I remember my first build.. I'll watch this one!
I am FINALLY finished painting my chassis. To get you up to date... Day 6 it rained. Day 7 I sprayed the last of the black coats onto the remaining panels in need and sprayed 8 coats of clear coat on all the others. No more clothesline pics so you'll have to use your imagination! Day 8 it rained... and finally on day 9, which was today, I finished the last of the painting! I clear coated the remaining panels completely emptying my last can in the process. I'm still gonna...
Thanks for watching guys! Not a lot to show for the last 2 days. Painting on day 4 didn't happen because it rained.. again. I did decide on what colour rivets I'll be using however and I must admit, I'm a little excited. I spent ages trying to find black countersunk rivets online with no success. In the end I found something I like much much better! I won't give away what they are yet though... Day 5 ~ Heres the last of my panels scuffed and ready to go. I'm so glad I'm...
I've decided to try and use dome rivets for all but about 9 of my rivets which I'm sure NEED to be countersunk. I had thought about painting them but didn't know about the sharpie brush tip. Sounds like an acceptable alternative to me. +rep.
Unfortunately they only have dome rivets in black. Thanks anyway dude. I might just have to bite the bullet and buy from PPCs.
Nice to see there's still some keen interest in the FT02. I just started a new build/log with my old FT02 that I haven't used or even touched in the last 2 years.
In past build logs of mine, I've tried to have fewer but larger updates to keep the log neat. I think this time though, I'll try to post more of what I'm doing each day as I go. This means certain updates could be spread across multiple posts but I think a change is good every now and then. Now heres the start of my painting. Day 1 ~ I'd say that looks pretty self explanatory. I will say this however... So. Many. Rivets! I haven't counted them yet but I'll let you...
So, where can I buy BLACK COUNTERSUNK rivets?? Preferably in Australia but anywhere will do! I've looked all over the place and I can't find them outside of the Lian Li ones in performance pcs which are pretty costy to get to Australia. They are for riveting a case back together so 1/8" is the size I need. Does anyone know of somewhere that sells them?
Yeah I thought that's what it could have been. Thanks heaps! +rep.
Do you mind me asking what sleeve you used? Reason is, I'm looking out for some purple and dark grey I may or may not use for my current build.
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