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Yea 4.085 was the cloclks before i had to pack it up to move
At the time ryzen was very new but all i did was up the voltage some and it workes out. I think some of the errors in clocks reported was due to lack of support due to such new hardware. Also i only use ryzen master to oc it now
Issues solved
So I have a 1600 on a Kraken X61 (just got bracket yesterday) and I am now trying to hit 4.0ghz The issue i am having is that both windows and CAM show clocks @ 1.5ghz but windows shows @ 4.0 which should I trust? core voltage is 1.385 and its set to 40x bios version is still 1.5 see sig for other parts.
If you are planing to do this off a cd one thing that may speed it up is to make a bootable usb drive with windows 7.
oh this i want answers to
Price reduced
I am getting into streaming/video editing and ryzen looks like a better fit then current system. I5-2500K with oem cooler MSI P67A-GD65, come with oem box and all parts i am able to find also oem win7 copy 4x2gb DDR3 1333 Pacakge deal $185 obo Paypal or money order accepted buyer pays shipping. I am willing to split the build up if enough people show intrest in the items.
would be overkill..... but as cheap as power supply have been lately I am sure I will get one bigger then i may need.
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