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Yeah, good luck accessing that website.
Double post. Error.
Lol, this picture was in the depths of the PCMR Reddit. It had 0 votes, but I think it's hilarious. For those of you who don't get it, Bulldozer was turbo-hyped, but ended up being a huge disappointment. Similar to how Vega is ending up at the moment (but could change).
They might as well just have demo'd the original Doom. Prey doesn't require the best gaming system...
The TL;DR of the AMD presser: It's pronounced "Rye-zehn"
mATX for x99 was 'slim pickens' as well. I love my EVGA Micro2; mATX is still a viable form factor.
You've got to be kidding me. This RGB crap needs to stop. Am I the only one alive now that hates this RGB trend? I feel like some of us tried so hard to change the community towards minimalist builds, without cathode (at the time) and fan LEDs, but it backfired.
My rant is that these ultrawides have really, really low brightness. 250-300 nits is awfully dim.
Am I blind, or are there no Micro ATX boards on the front page?
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