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That helps; thanks. There just seems to be a lot of threads posted about Async Compute capabilities, as if it's a make-or-break situation for a card (sarcastic hyperbole).
So what exactly is this saying? Async compute capabilities keep my framerate from dropping (like microstutter on SLI)? Any other advantages? "GPU efficiency" seems like a buzz word.
SourceLook at the above quote. I'm completely perplexed as to what Async Computing is and why it's important? Can someone explain Async Computing to me (and others) as simply as possible?
My early conclusion, based on quick looks at gains from the 980 Ti to the 1080 for 4K gaming, is that we're probably only 2 years out from a 4K card that regularly runs games at 4K with a reasonable 60FPS. This is a great generation of cards, but with only 1440p at home, I'm going to hold out for early 2018 (until I get the itch, which is seemingly inevitable).
TIL there's a video game hall of fame.
Say goodbye to your battery.
Did you void your friends' warranty by doing that?
TL;DR: Steam released a game called "Soda Drinker Pro" that is complete nonsense and unexplainable. You'll need to watch the gameplay video when you're not blocked.
This doesn't look inappropriate. If Tim and Eric were to make a game, this would be it. I mean, this game seems weirder than that Candice DeBebe crap that released recently (which has mostly positive reviews oddly enough). I watched part of the gameplay video. It gets weird quick. I guess it's better than watching paint dry.
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