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Why won't this stop!? Stop, manufacturers! Stop making TN panels!My goodness, it's like a plague that can't be cured!
With a recently purchased GTX 980 SC (ACX 2.0), is there a way to turn off the green "SC" logo on the top part of the video card (or rather, the side)? I'm okay with the white-lit "EVGA Geforce GTX 980", but that green SC logo isn't my favorite aesthetic. I'd prefer to have a fix other than a recommendation of 'electrical tape', so is there a single power header on the card that controls just this one LED? Cross-post from EVGA. Looking for resolution.
On a recently purchased x99 Micro (fully installed; running fine), I set the motherboard to enable "Dark Mode", but the only thing it turned off were a few LED's on the board. The built-in power/reset buttons on the motherboard and the 2-digit POST/Temperature display are still displaying. I perused through the manual the other night, but it said that everything was supposed to go dark. Am I doing something wrong? These lights are not aesthetically pleasing in the...
I guess they ship from Hong Kong? Didn't want to wait that long unfortunately. FrozenCPU had some available.
I'll take your word for it. Thank you!
My new x99 micro only has one USB 2.0 header (from what I can tell) and I need to run both the LCD of my case and the Corsair LINK software, both of which use full 10-pin adapters. I want to buy this 10-pin splitter, but I've never heard of this site before. Any info? Link to the Part
Noctua fans used to come with these cabled adapters that you could plug the fan into to lower the RPM. What are these called? I need four for some new professional Noctua fans I'm using. EDIT: These:
I still want a way to have the standalone installer available to fresh reformat an OS. Not that there won't be a way, I just hope for the first year this isn't only available as an upgrade through Windows Update.
I accidentally ordered 140mm fans on Amazon at first. Are there any tangible benefits to the larger diameter? I'm sure there's likely more air flow/static pressure, but I wonder what that translates to in terms of temperatures.
Been thinking about the Bitfenix Pandora for your next build? Here's a great place to look to determine if any of your ideas may/may not work in your build. For this log, we're using the below parts for the setup. I'm going to post my stable overclocks next to the parts since I've had time to tinker in the BIOS. For the color scheme, I went totally black. Everything had to have a black PCB, black sleeving, and black shrouds. Logo LEDs are fine as white, but there's no...
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