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Can you post a picture? "Discolored" to me is either some sort of calcium deposit or corrosion. And then, I'm not even sure if you should run like CLR through the block (never tried that before, this could be terrible advice).
I just hope there's a VC-like system on here to continually buy games. And, yes, the mini SNES would be AMAZING!
No Tetris though!? How did that get missed!?
So, is the 30 games static? Can we download more onto this thing? For those of you who travel, doesn't this sound just freaking awesome?
[Waits for the generic "Dallas" answer when he really lives in some place like Richardson, haha] I'm a Texas native residing in Arkansas. I used to give out the generic "Dallas" answer when I was in college.
The biggest truth of all the truths.Surely they'll (de-compress?) the PS2 tracks to where it doesn't sound like that.
A lot of unnecessary bashing in here for a cosmetic attachment. If you're into meticulous, photo-worthy cable management, this could be for you. If you're into logos on your parts/cases/accessories, this could also be for you. If not, that's okay too. I personally think it's kind of cool, but since I don't typically buy secondary designs (Nvidia coolers for me ), I won't need one.
That helps; thanks. There just seems to be a lot of threads posted about Async Compute capabilities, as if it's a make-or-break situation for a card (sarcastic hyperbole).
So what exactly is this saying? Async compute capabilities keep my framerate from dropping (like microstutter on SLI)? Any other advantages? "GPU efficiency" seems like a buzz word.
SourceLook at the above quote. I'm completely perplexed as to what Async Computing is and why it's important? Can someone explain Async Computing to me (and others) as simply as possible?
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