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It was cheaper, you're right. But my point is still confirmed. This just boggles my mind.
Thought that, but there are still cheaper ones on eBay.
I know the TOS, so I won't post the eBay link. However, I'm going to post a screenshot. Can someone tell me why anyone would buy this? How are 4,857 of these sold?
This is how Bumblebee came to life.
Assuming one isn't overclocking the RAM, the low voltage may (from quick reading) allow for more overclocking headroom on the CPU. However, for those running DDR4 at stock and with a limited overclock on the CPU, the 1.2v doesn't really matter in terms of performance. So it doesn't really matter too much in most cases to compare the 1.5 DDR3 vs. 1.2 DDR4.Good call out though; thank you!
August 29th can't come any closer for most people, but for those of us whose wives will kill us if we order a new rig, we can all cry/hug together as we read news/reviews about the new x99 platform and DDR4 integration. Sad rant aside, I'd like to utilize an article to clear up some of the confusion on DDR4 timings vs. DDR3, where, most notably, the point I will make is to ignore any comparisons between clock timings on the two platforms. Yes, this article is referring to...
I caution your use of hyperbole. "Guaranteed system failures" is an extreme statement.
Well, hello there, beefy new-generation GTX 260.
Not sure. It's Zotac, so probably something like 1-2 years. Totally guessing though.
I was selling this on eBay, but the buyer backed out. Therefore, to OCN it goes. The card has been kept at stock for most of its life and ran perfectly in an mITX system. $525 shipped, US48 only, PayPal required. All original packaging included. OCN Team, the picture with my name is the video card already packed up. I didn't want to lose the box, so I didn't re-take pictures of the card with my name on them.
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