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Samsung will keep on going; business as usual. What's going to suck is (if) airlines start to ban that particular phone. Imagine being told you can either hand over your phone to the airline to securely destroy, or will have to leave the flight entirely.It's a stretch, but the FAA has already warned passengers to not use the phone. So what's to say it won't be banned entirely?
Everything in tech these days is a short-lived test.
Since it's going to come up eventually in this thread, here's the answer to the question you were thinking about.
This is likely a troll thread. Here's another identical post this user made. He's using internet buzzwords for attention (most likelely). See: gais, halp , and that this is for "movis and geims".
Can you post what you did to the Reddit PCMR? This needs to be seen.
This sounds like a very, very bad idea.
I have a mouse that has incredible features. I have a primary button that sits under my index finger that allows me to click on things on my screen. And, I can see a white arrow around my screen that follows my hand movement. Am I missing something?
I bet you're right. I'm wondering if Nintendo was waiting for Nvidia to go public with the SoC first so as not to unveil proprietary tech with the reveal of the NX (which is uncomfortably TBD).
PhysX, of course!(Yes, internet. That was a joke.)
Hissing? People have a problem with hissing? The freaking audio jack was taken out. Complain about that. Not hissing.
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