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I'm on Windows 10 and use it exactly like I did 7. So I'm not sure I really needed to upgrade except for DX12. But, oh well.
Who are you?
Could've been anything. Heat, overvolted, who knows. Start up the RMA process.
My first thoughts are either the power supply or motherboard being the culprit. It seems highly unlikely it's Windows 10 that caused the problem, but rather a matter of coincidence.
Whoa, wow!
Didn't register within 14 days of purchase and, honestly, don't feel like messing with the program.
Up for sale is a great condition EVGA x99 Micro motherboard. I purchased this on 6/7/15 and just replaced it the other day with the new Micro 2. Original box included with all accessories except for (1) SATA cable. US48 only, PayPal required. I ship the next business day (sometimes the same day depending on when payment is made). You can check my feedback - I have a great record here on OCN. Thank you for looking! Price - $175 Shipped (US48 only) Pictures:
Now that the EVGA x99 Micro2 has USB 3.1, I'm wondering what it will do to the 5820K with an x16 video card. I'm assuming USB 3.1 uses PCIe, so the question is thus: If I have a USB 3.1 device connected with a 5820K at the helm, will my graphics card then reduce bandwidth to x8 (from x16)?
Uhhh Is this really happening? Like really? Like really really? Because. Uhh... Awesome. Awesome is what it is. So much awesome it's unreal.
Something seems wrong here. My 980ti runs smooth at 84c without the fan going crazy. Maybe it's the custom bios? Try reverting.
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