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Well, we're multiple pages into a thread about how businesses conduct business.
This is business. They are a private enterprise. No issue to be seen.
But they're Athlons.Man, it'd be great if they could truly compete with Intel again.
A Hideo Kojima game.
I'm on Windows 10 and use it exactly like I did 7. So I'm not sure I really needed to upgrade except for DX12. But, oh well.
Who are you?
Could've been anything. Heat, overvolted, who knows. Start up the RMA process.
My first thoughts are either the power supply or motherboard being the culprit. It seems highly unlikely it's Windows 10 that caused the problem, but rather a matter of coincidence.
Whoa, wow!
Didn't register within 14 days of purchase and, honestly, don't feel like messing with the program.
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