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Say goodbye to your battery.
Did you void your friends' warranty by doing that?
TL;DR: Steam released a game called "Soda Drinker Pro" that is complete nonsense and unexplainable. You'll need to watch the gameplay video when you're not blocked.
This doesn't look inappropriate. If Tim and Eric were to make a game, this would be it. I mean, this game seems weirder than that Candice DeBebe crap that released recently (which has mostly positive reviews oddly enough). I watched part of the gameplay video. It gets weird quick. I guess it's better than watching paint dry.
Personal advice: Maintain a gaming laptop (with a good battery life). Having the portability from going class-to-class, working in the library for late nights of paper writing, study sessions, and some gaming on the side, are some of the primary reasons to stay mobile for this exciting time in your life. I know that's not what you asked for, but sometimes practical advice can mean much more.
I downloaded this the other day, and while being awful at first-person shooters, I was significantly worse at this one than all others. I played a 4-armed (non-sword wielding) thingamajig that shot purple balls at enemies, transported quickly somewhere, and then had a purple aoe-blast thing. I couldn't kill anything for the life of me. I had no idea what the transport did, why my purple ball attacks were doing nothing, and what in the world the aoe did. When I played as...
I was thinking for maybe a special edition console. I would doubt someone would trade the PS4 for an Xbox One or vise versa; you probably already bought what your friends play.
Compressed air and a vaccuum. Spray the dust off and suck it up at the same time.
I can't figure this out. Trade in your PS4 or Xbox One for a... PS4 or Xbox One? What? Am I missing something here? It's on their front page.
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