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Same. I thought it was politics, not income.
This comment comes up all the time and I never understand why. Did you know that at one point in March of 2014 that Nintendo had enough cash to run a deficit for 38 years? There's this consistent thought that Nintendo is going to just go belly-up for some unknown reason, whether it be a single console failure (failure being defined as a raw profitability loss, which I'm assuming would [only?] apply to the Wii U and Virtual Boy, if even that), or anything else.They had a...
Extra treasure chests and hard mode, not even on day 1, for $20. And this, according to some users, is the "end of Nintendo"? I need to take an hiatus (but can't). Side note: I've never heard of an SD card failing, nor has it ever happened to me. Been using them in the 3DS or other devices for years with no issues.
Side note, whatever happened to the 1080 Ti? Was it scrapped?
Never again.
Wow. I'm just happy with Zelda. And I want to pre-order that freaking pro controller an YOU CAN'T IN THE US. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?
That's the real question, and it's TBD. Right now, Reggie is just saying that they can tie games to an account vs. to a physical system - an issue that's plagued owners for some time.
This is one of those 'wait and see' things regarding the Switch's online capabilities. It could work like iTunes - a game is installed, but you can't open/play/listen to it unless you sign in with a different ID. Who knows, to be honest. I still think there is way too much missing information for this thing to launch in ~5-6 weeks.
It happened! Hooray! Thanks, Reggie! "With the introduction of a Nintendo account, we now have the capability to tie consumers' purchases to their particular account." - Reggie on Switch VC Shout out to /u/NotABiscuit on reddit for this. Official Source (Reggie Interview)
Do not delid your processor if you're fine with your temps.
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