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Can you post what you did to the Reddit PCMR? This needs to be seen.
This sounds like a very, very bad idea.
I have a mouse that has incredible features. I have a primary button that sits under my index finger that allows me to click on things on my screen. And, I can see a white arrow around my screen that follows my hand movement. Am I missing something?
I bet you're right. I'm wondering if Nintendo was waiting for Nvidia to go public with the SoC first so as not to unveil proprietary tech with the reveal of the NX (which is uncomfortably TBD).
PhysX, of course!(Yes, internet. That was a joke.)
Hissing? People have a problem with hissing? The freaking audio jack was taken out. Complain about that. Not hissing.
So this is an overclocked 750Ti, a card released almost three years ago. Roughly 2 years, 9 ago months to be exact. Don't buy this. While I know that this will receive praise from those expecting to have an additional option for an HTPC, it's still not even worth it for that purpose. Remember, if you need help with building a computer and don't know why this shouldn't be purchased, is a great resource to ask questions.
Sales of these Samsung SSDs are going to.... 'explode'. (Puts on sunglasses, walks away)
This thread needs to be locked. I miss OCN back in '09 - more AMD 955 vs. i7 discussions, less politics.
This is an absolutely critical point. Imagine having a phone interview for a job when your battery is low (and speakerphone is inappropriate). Fumbling around with one hand on the phone next to your face is inconvenient when you're taking notes as well.
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