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Do not delid your processor if you're fine with your temps.
Just remember to save money for a screen protector. That should be the #1 selling launch accessory, haha.
I just noticed you said you bought an Apple product publicly on OCN. You have opened the floodgates for trolls.
Why are people treating Razer so poorly during all of this and blaming the victim? This is absurd. Their property was stolen. It doesn't matter if you like the company or not, stealing is wrong and I hope they recover their property.
I know it's the internet, but come on. This was really extreme.
There is a "Racing" motherboard. This may be the most pointless 'gaming' moniker ever. Palit frog, you've been destroyed.
Treat this like a concept car. Looks cool (or weird, depending on the person), but likely will never come out.
My use case? I just hate dim screens, lol. 300 at full brightness is even too dim.
I had to fight tooth and nail (dramatic hyperbole needed) to find and get a monitor that was 350cd/m2 and I paid out the rear for it. Seemingly every standard monitor, and possibly most professional ones, are holding between a 250cd/m2 and 300cd/m2 brightness. I've had to return so many monitors for being too dim, and it used to be that I could pop on over to Dell's website and find a 350cd/m2+ IPS screen for a reasonable price. What happened? Was there some dramatic...
RGB is out of control.
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