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When I travel, I have my Macbook (w/ Retina) 13" with the Intel Iris 1536MB iGPU. It plays Final Fantasy XIV on low settings at a relatively consistent 30fps. For an MMO that has a reasonably advanced engine, that's pretty good to run daily quests and a some dungeons here and there. I have to hand it to Intel that they're doing a great job in this dept. I wouldn't use an iGPU on my main rig (or I wouldn't be on this website), but for portability, it's great. So this 710...
Thanks, +rep. That looks like the same research I've done as well.
The stuff from majorgeeks and other places seems really outdated. Anyone know what the most current version is and where to download it?
With Tuesday's big Windows 10 update, I'm thinking of using that time to upgrade all of my drivers, BIOS update, etc. at the same time (not that the drivers are really out of date, they are just probably initial Win10 drivers which have been improved). However, I'd like to do a full reformat as well, but does anyone know if the new Windows update will be slipstreamed into the Windows 10 installer online (the Microsoft standalone installer)? It would be nice to not have to...
Well, we're multiple pages into a thread about how businesses conduct business.
This is business. They are a private enterprise. No issue to be seen.
But they're Athlons.Man, it'd be great if they could truly compete with Intel again.
A Hideo Kojima game.
I'm on Windows 10 and use it exactly like I did 7. So I'm not sure I really needed to upgrade except for DX12. But, oh well.
Who are you?
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