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That'd probably be the route I take if I decide to get into this series; thank you! Now then, $20 for a 5-year old game? Meh, I'd pay it, but would love for this to be one of those $7.99 titles
Having not played any of the Deus Ex games, the newest one released looks like a great place to start; modern, new. But I don't know if this is a direct sequel (or continuation of a greater plot), and therefore am wondering if starting on this release will leave me scratching my head and confused. TL;DR - Is DE: MD an okay place to start the series from a newcomer?
Kotaku also had an anti-'lawyer up' response to this. Here's the deal: Nintendo has every right to protect their IP's. However, if there's no danger to any of their sales or profit, they should let these homebrew games go, call it a fan-project, and just simply not endorse it. With that said, however, I think there's a distinct difference between the Metroid II fan remake and this Pokemon off-shoot title. The Metroid II remake could, though unlikely, potentially hinder...
It's blowing up.
I'm curious to see what they say when they finally do say something. I really, really doubt they would say that it's multiplayer and then it not be. Maybe a mistake in the algorithm for the instances? No clue. But then, why are there instances? No clue. I wonder how many people pre-ordered torches and pitchforks, too.
I'm not in the conspiracy theory camp. If their power failed, it failed. If their backup power failed, it failed. Perfect storm? Who knows. But I can tell you that nobody at Delta wants to work overtime and deal with this, so I have some sympathy for the employees.
A lot plays in to the screen resolution. What's the screen res on your laptop (and again for the one you want to upgrade to)?
I've heard of some of these words before.
Can you post a picture? "Discolored" to me is either some sort of calcium deposit or corrosion. And then, I'm not even sure if you should run like CLR through the block (never tried that before, this could be terrible advice).
I just hope there's a VC-like system on here to continually buy games. And, yes, the mini SNES would be AMAZING!
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