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Well I found the issue but umm.... I never set it to be 50% of 1TB! Someone mind telling me how Windows7 Pro derped this hard on me?
Thanks. I'll set it up in a day.
Think someone will buy it with the problems it has for like $30-40?
Arizona, animals, multiple fans. Room has terrible air circulation so I need a fan from the rest of the house to cool off my room. Hell I need to dust off my wacom tablet a couple times a day.One would think this is the case but it isn't.Already fixed it once but pulling the cap off and taking a can of air and blowing it out. worked fine for a couple weeks and now it's back.Even if it's copper and corroded I have no way to pull the switch out at all since it's soldered in.
The sound isnt the issue... it's the dd and ss
how does this help with key chatter, don't these just make the sound less apparent?
I rather not be bothered with taking it off every 10 minutes just to type something.
K800 is pretty sexy. but yeah... yeah out of reach.
Now to get this out of the way, I love them andd think they're the best kind around! Now as to why I can't use them is that my room is far too dusty for them and well.... as you see above I get random key chatter due to dust. Currently I am using a TTesports Poseidon Z illuminated keyboard with Kaihl switches. Saved it once from water but the dust causes my S and D keys to double tap randomly. I know it's not water damage since I have fixed it before where like every...
EDITI don't think it will.
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