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In for it all or whatever I can get at this point and time. Need to upgrade off this old trusty 1366 platform. Thanks and good luck everybody. "Winner, winner Chicken dinner!" * Will pay for shipping.
Good luck everyone and stay safe.
Young Susie was having trouble with her computer so she called Wes, the computer guy, over to her desk. Wes clicked a couple buttons and solved the problem. As he was walking away Susie called after him, "So, what was wrong?" And he replied, "It was an 'ID ten T' error." A puzzled expression ran riot over Susie's face. " 'An ID ten T' error? What's that, in case I need to fix it again?" He gave her a grin. "Haven't you ever seen an 'ID ten T' error before?" Susie replied,...
I'm interested in Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive. Thanks for doing the giveaway.
I'm curious to why you would RMA it back to Newegg if nothing is/was wrong with it.
Slightly interested in some of the fittings. Is you price firm and what is the best price on these?
Is this a C1 or C2 board? Thanks
Interested in the price on the 4930K. Thanks
Are you going to post any screen shots or results? Would love to see some evidence on what you achieved with it. As it seems numerous people would like to see the results. I got the money if you want it. Me and the others seem to be waiting on you though.
Wasn't trying to be rude or blow up your thread. Just giving my opinion on your situation. But I see a mod was quick to edit my post. Now only if they would fix all this threads that aren't being updated or looked after by the o.p Then I would be impressed. Seems they are too hard bent on doing it backwards here for some odd reason. But again this is my opinion.
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