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Working like a charm! Thank you!
Shouldn't make a difference as it resolves to from either location. I'm just busy having a look through the squid proxy logs right now to see if is resolving to something else. EDIT: Everything resolves to the same IP on all setups, just not routing properly. We're sending office web traffic out on another provider. Have asked someone at my ISP to take a look. EDIT #2: Meh... it's some issue at Level3.
I'm beginning to wonder if this is just some sort of routing issue. I use the same ISP at home as we use at the office (albeit with different home vs business DSL packages and the associated routing and network peering they implement). Right now, no can get to from home PC, but here at the office all is perfectly fine. Home routing seems to be going via Level3 in London. The office network seems to be sent through which is TATA communications....
I know I am.
Yeah, they'd make a killing if they were open here.
Yes, I love Mickey Mouse too.
Excellent! I can understand when it comes to issues involving 3rd party providers. For the time being I'll just check in on my subscription page.
This might not be a bug, but it sure is annoying. In notification e-mails the links used to get to the thread/post refer to For the past week or so I've not been able to follow these links. The name resolves, but there's no response on the other end. seems to refer to ( Seems that system is down or something as I can't ping it. Thought it might be my ISP, but I also can't ping it from my UK-based VPS.
Original CM Stacker! Wish I had never replaced mine with the Stacker830.
I would think the jungle gym under there would limit extra legroom.
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