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Things like this are pretty hard to describe in writing. You have it in there correctly.
What he said
Rather than filing them down I would suggest just leaving them out all together. Strictly speaking they have nothing to do with the seal as the only purpose they serve is to add a little bit of pull out resistance.
Just remember it is 4 short fast taps followed by two long slow taps if you're in the Northern hemisphere and reversed if you're in the Southern.We have to build a slight space in there because the fittings need to fit a wide range of different products--blocks and reservoirs from every company IOW. The biggest "problem" products are usually radiators as they sometimes have a bit of a detente on the port mating surface. If we made it so that the compression ring bottomed...
Just a quick shopping update. It looks like Titan Rig on Amazon has gone over to Prime now so free fast shipping woot Not sure if that is as big a deal to everyone else as it is to me personally. I always filter by Prime and if a company doesn't have prime I look for one that does.
Do you have the ferrules facing/pointing the correct direction?
As a mediocre home plumber I will take that as high praise indeed--thank you =)
Most of the parts also have sketchup models available.
Put it on both sides of the panel also.
Still looks awesome tho
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