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So... at 3.7Ghz it's completely stable? I.E. LinX, Prime95, Memtest86.
1. Asus 2. XFX 3. EVGA Quote: Originally Posted by BlackHoleSon Newegg is an E-Tailer that still has XFX nvidia cards in stock, but have you noticed not a single XFX GTX400 series card? They aren't making them.
Use a saber saw... hand-held jigsaw. Little example of what can be done: I've never liked using a rotary tool.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Godfather I'm on my 5th one bro in 9 months. The screen stopped clicking 4 times. OUCH. Are they refunding you any of the cost(s)?
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.derp Droid x isn't back ordered , at least anymore and the shortages were regional so a lot of people were able to get the phone the day they wanted over the past 25 days its been out, where as some people may have ordered it on the 15th and didn't have it ship until like the 23rd. Over all they didn't have problems like they did with the incredible. The Droid X is back-ordered until the 18th for me - overnight...
Quote: Originally Posted by onoz Age of Empires? You can build castles and farms and walls and towers that house archers and... and stuff like that. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Strawberry~ Will try age of empires Quote: Originally Posted by Prelude Age of empires or Empire earth Both are great and sound like something youd like + 1 for AOE (any of them but the third) and +1 for Empire...
Give them this, and walk out. Demand $100 for it.
160 pages later... I wish that video would still work, I want to see the whole thing. It looks amazing; get back here and finish!
Quote: Originally Posted by CJRhoades I'm assuming that the temps are higher in the game because the CPU and GPU are on a common heatsink and Kombustor only heats the GPU. Run Prime95 and Kombustor... then you'll see!
Soooooo, what's so special about it? Here's a 24" 1080P LCD TV for a whooooole lot cheaper.
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