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Just got my Qnix 27' Matte and my word...what an AWESOME screen!! Can't stop looking at it, so smooth and crisp!
I'm from South Africa and wanting to buy one of these beasts of a screen, I'm just worried whether I should go PixelPerfect or not, The exchange rate is a bit of a killer as it is for me between non perfect vs perfect. Is it worth the extra? I'm rather finicky when it comes to dead pixels and spot them rather easily on screens so I'm rather scared of getting a monitor that does has compared to say the piece of mind I get with a pixel perfect, I see some people say the...
I can't seem to charge back on PayPal as I live in South Africa and our banks don't allow such things, once you've paid, that's it.
It's actually ridiculous. Can't believe I threw money at this guy 5 months ago.
Thanks so much for all the info, really gave me some reassurance! Would you mind showing a pic or 2 of your case? Would really like to see your setup inside!
Hey everyone, I need some advice for one of these cases with regards to Watercooling . Currently, I have a 650D with a EX120 and RS240 cooling my 3770k and 2 7970's, Yes it's probably not enough but it's all I could afford in the mean time and gaming temps never go over 45'c on both cards or 53' on the CPU. I really want to do a 360/240 or 240/240 setup in one of these beaut of a cases, It's really hard to check over 400 pages worth of pics and info and have done my best...
I saw on TomsHardware and had from personal experience, my Sapphire xfire 7970 ref cards(under water) that my temps of my cards have increased, even under idle. Never use to go over 27' idle, now sitting in mid 30's and under load into the 50's where it never use to go over 45'c. Anyone else? I'm going to reinstall and see.
I'm rather annoyed with my refund as I can't file a refund request on PayPal on an order older than 45 days. It's now been 120 Days. Yes. 4 months, still not as long as others but just like everybody else, no response at all. Since April. I am now done wait, it's a lot of money I spent and I'm now in a situation where I need that money for other uses. I've messaged for a refund to Dwood, guess what? Not to my surprise. No response. Makes you wonder now.
My 2 7970's are really happy now!
I have an HTC One now. Best phone out there at this point in time imo. I love though how people are bashing Apple for using Plastic, all their previous Mac products were polycarbonate and they still felt firm and strong, and lasted. Not to mention just about every other company out there uses plastic for their phones. Stop the hate. Each to their own. Not to mention, everyone moaning about Apple prices being too high, Now when they bring out something cheaper it's a huge...
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