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Quote: Originally Posted by Bodycount What proof do you want and for what? Oh is he talking about you or was the clocks his? Well normally when it comes to clocks i just like to see proof than talk. I notice he's a new member and he claimed to overclock his cpu. I wanted proof
Proof? Sorry but that's not good enough. We need proof. Something we all require when you are mentioning something as that in forums. Pics or it never happened!
Quote: Originally Posted by Eagle1337 here's mine, it still needs some tweaking. Is it me or does your heatsink look crooked? Not seem right.
Someone mentioned in his sig he has a XFX Nvidia 4850, lol no way it's a nvidia card.
WOW they really thought steam would prevent piracy? No way! Look at mw 2 for example? The Highest pirated game of the year and they use steam somehow to play it. I don't see how they can change that. They could have made something better to prevent piracy but i honestly don't care about the game cuz i was very disappointed in the new Tomb Raider. It looks too RPG. Whatever happened to the good looking butt and cleavage? lol. I heard they ARE working on a new project that...
Or just reset settings and then set them all to your custom liking and tell your roomate next time if he changes it he owes you a favor or he could just have to remember set everything back the way it was for you personally.
I am loving this thread! Has anyone else have a debate with someone personally about this? I liked the part where this dude got beer out of it! PC FTW anyways. Always.
I'm thinking of getting another H50 so i can have one i am currently using and the other as backup for experiments. Muahahah gonna take over the world today!.. What about you Pinky?
Yea i thought so
But i'm right by you? Come on that's nothing dude.
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