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my ps4 is ready (been collecting dust for a few weeks now) make it happen
128 FPUbit modular mumbo jumbo wachamacalit HSA I don't care about those stuff. wouldnt care if a magical fairy is inside the new amd chips as long as the performance is good I'll be all over it in a heart beat. I'm a pure blooded amd enthusiast but since bulldozer I really felt like amd betrayed me I'm still waiting for amd's next big thing
OMG i want this so bad! IN!!!!
instead focusing on fixing dx11 now developers have two problems adding mantle into the equation. I sincerely hope nvidia doesn't make a their own API as well I really hate where this route is going. hopefully don't get nvidia/amd exclusive games
my temps are not so good with the stock cooler (1202mhz overclock) has anyone tried the nzxt g10? been thinking of picking one up to get better overclocks/temps
but it looks so purty and my pc boots in 5 seconds im not gon push win 8.1 on others like some people do. I just don't see myself coming back to windows 7. maybe because I just use my pc for gaming that is why I'm not really affected I don't consider myself a poweruser at all
im prolly one of few exceptions of enthusiasts who loved windows 8.1 (not 8) and can't stand windows 7 pcs anymore
forgot to mention I'm gonna use a Corsair H80i for cooling and a full atx case with a lot of fans pic of the motherboard. vrm cooling looks sufficient to me tbh
so I got bored and wanted to build an AMD rig. already picked up my parts which was an FX6300 and a Gigabyte GA 970A-DS3P. was supposed to buy it on the 28th but a friend of mine shared me a shocker with his experience with his asrock 970 extreme 3 board. he can only overclock upto 4.2ghz with the 4+2 vrm (because of the throttling)@_@ i know the gigabyte board also has a 4+2 power phase vrm but I was wondering if his board was just bad or is it expected with boards of...
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