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YEP! but jrpgs with all their glory on a next gen console is awesome your post made me sad though. I dropped my 3ds in the sink and the buttons broke
the foam will dissapear in time. like what B negative said fill it up and put the port lid in
go for it. I've always wondered why most people limit themselves to pc gaming. admittedly I don't like my ps4 as much as I like my PC but there are games you can't play with a PC. *cough* JRPGS *Cough*
downscale the resolution to 1600x900 when gaming. would still look awesome at 14"
now what to do with this gtx 470. im thinking of making a keychain with the GPU. should I try baking it then while hot yanking it off the pcb? lol hopefully i dun hurt myself
got used to my note 2 now even 5" phones are so small to me I'm not even gonna touch anything smaller than 5.5". and this is coming from a guy with small girly hands
RIP. 3/3/2014.
win for gamers. ty mantle
who won?
not much gain from overclocking the memory though. couldnt feel the difference between 7ghz and 7.6ghz. just clocked it higher than 7ghz because I can was worried I was pushing it too hard that's why I downlcocked to 7.4ghz. I have samsung chips tho
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