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I actually got it on my own. Code: File myFile = new File("data.txt"); Scanner input = new Scanner(myFile); for (int x = 1; x <= getNumAmount(myFile); x++) { Harmonic+= (1/input.nextDouble()); } input.close(); Harmonic = getNumAmount(myFile) / Harmonic;
I can't use arrays because it's not covered in this semester.. :\
Harmonic Mean = N/(1/a1+1/a2+1/a3+1/a4+.......+1/aN). I can't seem to do is to program an equation that can calculate harmonic mean without having a fixed amount of numbers, and turning such numbers to its reciprocal. The input comes from a text file, which can include any amount of numbers. This is what I'm doing which I know is hilariously wrong: Code: double N = getAmount(YourFile), Harmonic = N /(1/getAddition(YourFile)); YourFile is a reference to a .txt...
Good waster of American taxpayer money.
I want one.
For a limited period of time current WD Green HDDs will be sold under WD Blue brand, but with different product numbers. Um, aren't Greens /not/ meant for typical use? I've seen a few users around having issues with them in the long run over typical use..
I hope that 880K OC's better than the 860K. I need this 5800K to retire.
Uh, what the hell are you blabbering about? No where does the article states that the galaxy is older than the universe itself.
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