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Same. I'm only interested in one or two singleplayer games. Multiplayer gaming doesn't give me the same spark anymore.
Would this suffice?
Not meant to be overclocked, though. They released a 870K which is Godavari.
As the title says. I'm looking for something to replace my laptop's HDD and gain a few more precious minutes of battery life. I could get another Transcend SSD370, but it's not the most efficient out there.
I managed to get 1600MHz stable on my 1866 RAM with F6, so it's something.
The 860K is the closest thing to a FX - '4500', without L3 of course.
Updating my BIOS to the latest would make my PC unstable (see a few pages back). F6 is the only stable version I can use with my CPU.I'm getting cornered overcloking this chip. ;-;
PC wouldn't load after saving settings. Have to reset CMOS to load up Windows.
CPU-Z reports 1.368v on load.
So I managed to clock my CPU to 4.1GHz stable... with EasyTune. I got tired of having to reset my CMOS whenever I tried tweaking at the BIOS. Unfortunately my RAM has to be downclocked to 1333MHz.
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