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That's a lot of GPU power for a low resolution.
If anything the encryption features don't appeal to me, I just wanna load games and stuff fast and that it lasts a good few years. With an endurance of 72TBW it doesn't seem too shabby.
Hope that's not the case >_>;Having a better OCing 860K would be a decent upgrade for me.
Which alternatives do you recommend?
I'm just sitting here waiting for the magical Godavari 870K to replace my aging 5800K.
Factors like available PCIE bandwidth, CPU performance, CPU architecture, and a few others more are taken into account to determine if a bottleneck exists. Plus, gut feeling can help too.
i want to upgrade to an SSD soon and I've been bawling the BX100 a lot. I plan on using it as my main OS and gaming drive. I've heard that since it doesn't have a certain it won't last as much (not familiar with the inners and terminology of SSDs). Is it of much concern for me? What are the average lifespans of today's SSDs?
Check again.
Is this normal Mantle behavior on my CPU?
Still getting CPU spikes even on low settings. Tried like every trick in the book for a possible solution and yet no avail for more than a year.Bleh. I regret getting this 270.
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