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Looks like the 960K will be the one for me.
Basically, I'm doing a primitive program that asks the user to enter Yes or No, which will start a loop IF the user doesn't input either of those. When the user does input Yes or No, it will simply display Thanks. The program keeps looping even with the correct inputs. What am I doing wrong here? Code: String input; System.out.println("Write Yes or No."); input = key.nextLine(); while (input != "Yes" && input != "No") { System.out.println("Error. Try...
I'll jump into the XIII saga when the resolution update is out. Nice seeing more FF games making into PC.
Tom is a dirty puppet. I won't be surprised if he decides to screw the consumers yet again. Even with millions of comments against the merger, corporate bride is stronger than our voices.
I still remember the bitter hate PC gamers had with Infinity Ward. No dedicated servers, unbalanced weapons, over priced DLC... Yet I still logged over 1000 hours on it.
I wasn't expecting much from a Japanese game. Japanese game developers aren't really that into PC gaming compared to the west.
I thought this was known before...
"Videocardz" Eh
That thing is gorgeous.
I bet it still won't solve my BF4 Mantle stuttering problem.
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