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Spring update on the 26th!
Thought I read somewhere that let's players aren't permitted to show Ultra settings yet?
They can start by having a 1080p (at least) notebook with their most powerful Carrizo, SSD, lightweight, and competitively priced.
Still waiting for that Linux version..
Those box designs look sexy as hell.
Noticed that Gigabyte released a new BIOS for some of their boards adding Godavari support...
Firefox 15? Seriously?
That's a lot of GPU power for a low resolution.
If anything the encryption features don't appeal to me, I just wanna load games and stuff fast and that it lasts a good few years. With an endurance of 72TBW it doesn't seem too shabby.
Hope that's not the case >_>;Having a better OCing 860K would be a decent upgrade for me.
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