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Still doesn't work for me. Even with disabling iGPU, the stutter /still/ persists.Back to step 0 with AMD.
I should play Witcher 2 again in one of these days.
I have to keep testing; This cannot be happening...
BF4 on Mantle stills stutters month after month reporting this issue on my PC. It still happens with any mix of graphical settings; the stutter just won't go away. Great job AMD.
Tests ran with an R9 270 @ 1025/1500, A10 5800K @ 4.3GHz, 8GB DDR3 @ 1866MHz 14.11.2 Beta Omega Drivers Can't complain. Free performance is always good.
...Isn't that a given?
Have a G3. While the display colors isn't really something to scream home about, it's still a quick and elegant looking phone. If you're into tinkering with things and have more 'freedom', then I say go for the G3.
I don't think there was ever any doubt AMD comparing their Omega drivers to last year's drivers considering we had access to the leaked slides...
Currently installing them..
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