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Posts by <({D34TH})> Just a cheapo case for a simple gaming PC.
So I've been out of the PC building scene for a while now. I want a CPU cooler that's comparable to the 212 Evo, but unfortunately it's too big for the case. I've been eyeing this one: Wondering if anyone has any experience/opinions of it. It's gonna be used on a APU 7700K. Thanks in advance.
I believe my motherboard may be defective. I was trying to get into the BIOS interface, but the only thing it would show was a mouse cursor and nothing more. When this happens, the motherboard would show off code 15. I then updated the motherboard's firmware from F6 to F8a, to see if it solves the issue, but it didn't help my issue; it made it worse (I used @BIOS to update in this case). Now I can't load Windows nor the BIOS at all. It still gives off code 15 in this...
Same. I'm only interested in one or two singleplayer games. Multiplayer gaming doesn't give me the same spark anymore.
Would this suffice?
Not meant to be overclocked, though. They released a 870K which is Godavari.
As the title says. I'm looking for something to replace my laptop's HDD and gain a few more precious minutes of battery life. I could get another Transcend SSD370, but it's not the most efficient out there.
I managed to get 1600MHz stable on my 1866 RAM with F6, so it's something.
The 860K is the closest thing to a FX - '4500', without L3 of course.
Updating my BIOS to the latest would make my PC unstable (see a few pages back). F6 is the only stable version I can use with my CPU.I'm getting cornered overcloking this chip. ;-;
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