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Galactus' favorite hole.
Carrizo better be worth it.
I always been using AVG Free as long as I can remember. Old habits die hard.
I gotta try this out.
Welcome to my world.
AMD's Facebook page just confirmed this. Holy crap EDIT: Note that this was said on the Puerto Rican page of the official AMD FB page; there hasn't been an official announcement for the global one. It also links an old article as well (9th of July)
I'm not surprised to say the least.
Is W9 a free update or a new OS as a whole?
Still no fix for my issue... *sigh*
It depends on the title really. Dead Space series are straight up ports but functions very well, with slightly higher textures, M/KB support and whatnot. The thing with these titles tho, is that they received very poor DLC support in contrast to its console counter parts.
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