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Yeah, a 5800K-ish powered PC will not play Hawken in eyefinity that well. lol
Nice. I hope they don't downgrade the graphics like Metro:LL though.
Started to monitor my system after playing for a while, and from what I see he pagefile goes up beyond the 8192MB limit at most of the firefights.
It was fun while it lasted.
Guess I will pull the trigger with this driver. Hopefully it fixes my issue. Welp, I installed it and played BF4 for a bit. It certainly felt much smoother, but I still get hick-ups here and there. I'm suspecting it's a memory leak (turned down MSAA to 2x and textures to High) to alleviate the issue more,but alas, it's still not perfect.
Which is exactly why I want developers to go for OpenCL physics acceleration (Bullet, for example) over propietary software.
In yet again
I love PS2, so I'll be jumping to this game as soon as I can.
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