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No. You pay to have access faster access for a certain weapon, which again every weapon in the game comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. No weapon in the game is locked behind a paywall. Every player has access to same gear from the start.
It'll ruin the way you see Battlefield forever It tanks even the fastest of CPUs on heavy battles though.
They're using a modified UE3 for this one.
I need this.
Every weapon is a side grade with no pay locked weapons. If anything, gold/black variations of weapons are purely for bling purposes.PS2 is what Battlefield wishes to be. 😂
This.It'll help tons, which is why I said that reaching 1080p isn't far fetched.The CPU won't do any miracles as it is, so we'll have to wait and see.
Plus the fact that 64-bit support was added around April...
An (ex) SOE UI dev for the PS4 explained that the PC's UI wasn't optimized well and took a chunk of horsepower from the CPU. I'll have to ask some of the devs to see when that's going to get fixed.
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