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For a limited period of time current WD Green HDDs will be sold under WD Blue brand, but with different product numbers. Um, aren't Greens /not/ meant for typical use? I've seen a few users around having issues with them in the long run over typical use..
I hope that 880K OC's better than the 860K. I need this 5800K to retire.
Uh, what the hell are you blabbering about? No where does the article states that the galaxy is older than the universe itself.
Why o why this isn't standard on the normal rate is beyond me.
Some of you seem to forget that others have something called 'data caps'. As long that continues to be a problem, there will be always some demand for DVD games.
It's the closest we got to a Steamroller FX chip (ala FX-4500).
What's a season? Super noob question.
One step forward, one kilometer backwards.
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