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Are you sure they weren't specks of dust?
Thanks for the info. I'm in the UK and have just bought one from iFixit in Germany for my iPhone 4 which took just 2 days to arrive. The battery is a bit smaller than the original one and the ribbon cable to the connector is about twice as long as it needs to be but it does fit OK. After discharging and charging fully it measured a capacity of 1409mAh (using a simple USB charging/capacity meter) which is the first replacement battery for this phone I've had that is not a...
Looks like the low cost tools have improved in the couple of years I've been out of sleeving.
Ah, you're right it's not the Han Lon HT-225D tool.
That looks like the Han Lon HT-225D crimping tool. Unfortunately due to the design it doesn't fold over the 'wings' on the pins particularity at the insulation crimp and you can normally pull the pins off the wire after crimping with relatively little force.
I modify mine with a tiny screw as shown in the post here
Machining marks rarely make a difference when it comes to temps. If you feel the need to lap it make sure you remove the base from the block before lapping otherwise you'll lap out the 'bow' needed to make good contact with the IHS. Sometimes re-seating the block can improve the temperatures (or make them worse) by a couple of degrees even using the same TIM.
Have a look at the Video Sleeving Guides The FAQs should help for some of the other stuff.
Have a look at 'How To Sleeve Sata Pass-Through or Crimp Style Power Connectors?' on Page 1 of this thread. Difficult but not impossible.
I personally recommend the Thermaltake Dr Power II PSU tester as it will test the 8 pin PCI-E cables as well as the other main ones. No other tester I've come across will do that.
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