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Looking forward to this.
It's more of a medium fan speed rad but it has reasonable performance at slow fan speeds. Push/Pull would net good results.
18AWG is perfectly fine for the uses I listed above. Lutro0 use 16AWG because it trains better than 18AWG not because it's actually needed. Edit: To repeat what has been discussed before: The Intel Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factors version 1.3 (April 2013) recommends 18AWG It's not the wire that is the amperage bottleneck, it's the pins. Since the MiniFit Jr pins are only rated for 7-8 amps, there is in principle no electrical advantage to...
18AWG wire is fine for the 24 Pin, 8 pin EPS, and 6 & 8 Pin PCI-E connectors. Providing you don't overload the SATA and 4 pin Auxiliary cables it will also be fine for those too.
A SeaSonic rep told me that the P1000 can cope with bursts of up to 1200W.
I think it's the 2 pin mini VGA connector. The pins come with the connector but they're fragile.
You might find that type of fan controller also gets hot. If it's a Zalman fanmate it'll melt and stop working. I used a Lamptron FC2 (45W per channel) and found that I needed to set it to run a bit more than 5V otherwise it wouldn't always start.
I forgot to mention that mine was unreliable for starting when it was connected to a fan controller. I used a Zalman fan adapter to feed 5v to mine. Be careful if you use a resister to reduce the speed, the ones I tried got extremely hot.
3/8"ID, 5/8"OD
You do know that Lutro0 produces the same quality of sleeving?
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