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It's a computer!

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Description It's a computer. :P Yeah, my 2500K at 4.5 GHz really does need the core voltage to be that high.
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Last updated Nov 29, 2017 at 12:16 pm

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thats a really nice rig. dont you game on it !! ? that gtx 580 must be feeling so sad lol!!
Yeah this rig is asking for some gaming fun! Far Cry 3 it!
How do you get away with 124GB of hardrive space?
@mohit9206 I sometimes do and I sometimes don't! :)
@reanor: Nah, I'm currently not interested in Far Cry.
@legendarylinc: that's easy: I don't need any more than that.
with your definition of stable I'm not surprised it needs that sort of voltage. Cheers and thanks for being helpful.
No, this CPU is really just that bad. Many of them were.

This computer / rig is so dam sexy!
Very neet.
Oh wow, thank you choptt! :)
Alien Tech would be the x4 32core xeon running at 3.4ghz all on phase cooling, with x8 Titan Xs and 288Gb of DDR4 4Ghz with 8 way m.2 raid card or something like that Well unless you believe there's not an alien species more advanced than ours.
This is more on Xbox one>
hehehe Yeah, when I upgraded though it was before Ivy Bridge came out. Also, I was upgrading directly from the E8400 @ 4.05 GHz.
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