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The "NoMoreUpgradesUntilXmasPC"

Rig type Gaming Rig
Status I Own It
Last updated Mar 5, 2017 at 10:05 am

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ComponentPrice PaidAvailable From 
€380 (EURO)
€400 (EURO)
€830 (EURO)
€830 (EURO)
€100 (EURO)
€345 (EURO)
Hard Drive
WD Red 4TB
€165 (EURO)
€50 (EURO)
€140 (EURO)
€30 (EURO)
€820 (EURO)
€199 (EURO)
€255 (EURO)
€150 (EURO)
€165 (EURO)
€40 (EURO)
€130 (EURO)
€250 (EURO)
€8 (EURO)
Total cost of this Rig: €5,287 (EURO)

Folding @ Home

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Comments (19)

Thanks Los Hog!
Beautiful Raven !
Not bad......... (Nice rig)
Very nice rig, don't see too many vertical oriented GPU's
Updated with single EVGA GTX680, soon to be adding a 2nd!
Added a Gigabyte GTX680 to SLI! Destroying any game at 2560x1440.
very nice rig! is that the raven case? I got myself a fortress and the interior look almost the same!
Yes it is a Raven RV02B-W, both the Raven and Fortress are best air cooling cases, love it!
Too many 680s. Dame uno!
Nice rig though...
smexy build dude :O
"I don't think i will get 680's because no games this year will need them" He said.
change the sli bridge to the evga bridge. otherwise it's pretty
This is very professional and it looks like a dream come true to me, i love the room, the rig, the atmosphere! well done mate.
Forza Fernando, my friend. I love your rig. I'll post pics of mine when I'm done updating it.
Could do with some better RAM maybe but it look like my dream machine
Updated. I've gone to a GTX980Ti, and changed to a smaller case. Without the WC Loop, I no longer need a huge case.
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