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The 3930

Rig type Gaming Rig
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Last updated Apr 10, 2015 at 5:23 pm

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That thing is just vulgar...(in a good way)
So smexy... where is the PSU?
Sir! your rig is Beautiful! You're Inspiring sir! I am a Filipino student and hoping someday to have a P67 Board. I have 2600k But my board is only H61. Take Care and God Bless! hehehehe.
The last two pictures look great indeed. Although I'd love to see the PC in those pictures like powered on and in the dark.
But very nice gaming rig.
really 3 7970's?......******* beast mate
clear wc setup
that's just sick. all under water too.
Nice work! must have been fun draining it sooooo many times!
^I have drained it a lot haven't I? This rig is an ongoing affair.
that, is absolutely sick. good work sir.
awesome rig!!!!
All you have are pics of the interior.....how bout some of the exterior man. I want to see that rig in all its awesomeness
I built it to be the best that I could for the throughput. The outside looks like any other stock 700d/800d, literally. There's nothing to see.
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. The only thing missing is perhaps, oh, some naked Asian twins draining, uh, uh, the radiator.
Holy rad power...
This is an amazing system, I really wish I had the money to do something like this.
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