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Rig type Gaming Rig
Description The i7 2600K and new Asrock Z 77 Extreme 4 are barely out of the box but at this moment I'm running the processor overclocked at 5.0 GHz. I have no doubt that I can get at least 5.1 before it starts to break a sweat. That said, I only run that fast when 'Flying". Otherwise, I run at 4.2Ghz for a typical day.
Status I Own It
Last updated Aug 22, 2013 at 8:10 am

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Optical Drive
Basic X16 DVD
Cyborg V7
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I want to believe that I have finally reached my goal on this rig with a 5.Ghz CPU and a 1050/1450 GPU among other things. But I'm likely to add a more powerful PSU and then try out Crossfire options with a 3-monitor display. So I guess I'm still going...
Overclock.net › wingclip › 'Agatha'.