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2.2 kW Holodeck

Rig type Gaming Rig
Status I Own It
Last updated Feb 11, 2014 at 7:34 am

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I love everything about your computer for an AMD build.
that is one mean machine would love to have that setup still using sealed water cooling gonna have to learn how to put together water cooling stuff before i go that big but love yours ill enjoy lookin at urs for now lol
Very impressive
how long have you ran at 5.2 and at what temps may I ask?, I'm on a simple closed loop Kraken x60 but I kinda wanna see where better cooling options like yours meet their limits.
I have been running at 5.2Ghz since day one. I am also running 5 Alphacool NexXxos rads and quad D5 pumps so a bit of overkill.
Hey Red, i am looking to build something very close to your build, could you help me out with the exact model number/name of your rads that you have? i am going for 3x GPU + 1 CPU block on 1x D5 pump, u think that single pump can manage?
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