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Rig type Gaming Rig
Description This is my most ambitious attempt at an incredibly small half shoebox sized build. It is based around the Lian Li PC-Q12 which is about 6 liters. The main feature will be a custom watercooled AMD Fury X. I find it more interesting to cram as much stuff in as small of a case as possible than to fill a big case with fans and fluff. I am still rearranging components and cable layouts but the watercooling layout is done. Everything has been delivered except for a few components. A build log will start soon. UPDATE: The waterblock for the motherboard I ordered doesn't fit.. Even though they advertised it to be. I'm going to set it in my mill and mill out some pockets for clearances over a capacitor and IC..
Status Proposed Rig
Last updated Aug 13, 2015 at 4:22 pm

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Overclock.net › dcyli › Singularity