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Pink-S210 (Retired)

Rig type Work PC
Description This is my Wife's Pintrest, Facebook, Business and gaming (sometimes) rig.
Status I Own It
Last updated Oct 26, 2013 at 5:40 am

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Total cost of this Rig: $0.00 (USD)

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Thanks! Make me want to take it back.
Seriously, man, if anyone has built a Source 210 right, it's you.
haha,Thanks! It's been like that for a year now. The dye hasn't fadded and the loop keeps the 570 and the 1090T pretty cool with slight overclocks. Not bad when the case only cost me $39.99 and free shipping. =D
No worries, Thinking of doing something similar for my wife. She loves her PC and hopefully will appreciate it as my anniversary present to her
oh man, that would be nice! I want to change the loop around in my wife's rig, but she wont let me touch it. lol oh well. Good luck with the Anniversary gift.
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