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Last updated Oct 13, 2017 at 9:22 am

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Nice rig !

How have you fixed HDD ? and 4th fan ?
Have you fixed SSD behind motherboard or in 5,25" baie ?
HDD is on a bungee cord though even that managed to vibrate the front door when HDD was close to full, some all resonances are simply impossible to get rid of no matter what.
SSD is 3M hooks taped to the bottom of the case below HDD.
5.25" cage is empty, only kept to hand the HDD from, otherwise stuffed with open cell foam to dampen it even more and remove any vibrance and resonance.
The whole case has fan meshes cut out, STP silver car panel dampening put on all large flat areas, air filters replaced with #200 mesh stainless steel filter.
Bottom fan is zip-tied through the holes I left after cutting out the existing metal hex mesh out.
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