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Samsung U28E850R 28.0 inch Widescreen 1,000:1 1ms HDMI/DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort/USB LED LCD Monitor (Bla

Good 4K monitor with good panel and many in/outputs.


Pros: Good panel, usable for gaming, many options. Bright, able to dim down very much.

Cons: Build quality not what's expected, poor A-sync implementation.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have proper equipment to test the display properly. This review is based on my impressions and the feel I got for the product. I do not have a whole lot of experience when it comes to monitors.It has been more than a year since Samsung introduced us to their value 4k monitor, the U28D590D. Unlike many of its competitors last year, it packed a 60hz display, with no tiling....
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One of the Best Green Computer Cases you can buy.
One of the Best Green Computer Cases you can buy.

COOLER MASTER HAF X nVidia Edition NV-942-KKN1 Computer Case

Pros: A collector's Item and Great Case that has the room to fit just about any component configuration or water loop you can throw at it.

Cons: The Cut-out on the motherboard tray was too small, the two Hot-swap Drive bays on the front can be unreliable over time.

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