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1st Player Steampunk Keyboard

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Pros: +Cool LEDS.

I was browsing a computer page on Facebook when I see a post by a user showing off their keyboard, with the corresponding 1st Player logo as their profile picture. I was mostly intrigued about the switch brand/type, as they do not mention it anywhere on their official site or the Amazon link. They just said it was a Blue switch and thats all. So I grabbed it to review for you fine OCN'ers!

The keyboard arrived straight from an Amazon warehouse on Tuesday, no worries there. Typical Amazon shipping, though it was slightly slow. Here was what the box showed me as I opened it. Schmexy. The box itself for the board was a matte black color that was textured where there was writing as a shiny coating. The box had a picture of the keys on the back, and I do say, they look nice.

Alright, so the box is nice, thats a big bonus. But, lets move on the board itself! And here it is, in all its..... upside-down glory? Was it packaged in Australia? I swear I was opening it right! Oh well. Its just packaging, I guess?

Now, we can get into the goods! The box includes...

-Steampunk mechanical keyboard
-Keycap puller
-Wrist rest for said keyboard.
-Uh.... extra screw?

Yes folks, that is indeed a screw sitting in there. I couldn't see a screw that came out of my board, so I'm sorry to whoever has a missing screw in your board.

So its clear that the robots in the 1st Player factory cannot pack well, lets hope the board is better than those bots.

Off to a good start though, with a para-cord braided cable, which by the way, is non-removable. Standard USB input, good for those who don't have PS2 ports on their mainboard

Then we remove the plastic bag and get into the keyboard itself! Here is a few shots of it.

Pretty so far. Not a massive fan of the indicator lights on the board, the "MASTER" doesn't match well with the rest of the board. So the board is very nice, but the legends on the keys do indeed look odd. The "0" and "O" do look like 2 brackets put together, and the caps lock is an "A" inside brackets, but other then that, it feels futuristic and stylish.So... onto what ails us, those switches! And are YOU and I in for a surprise. Sorry for the potato pic.

So. That does not look like any other switch I have ever seen. A Cherry clone, yes, but thats just a "G" on it. 1st Player has a Kailh switch offering on their "Black SiR" board, so it is not Kailh, even though this board costs a lot more. A quick peek into the manual shows these are 100% CUSTOM switches. Yessirs and ma'ams, these are custom Cherry cloneswitches made by 1st Player in their factory. Crazy, right? And I even think I kinda like them... They have more beginning travel than my MX Blues on my Adesso MKB-135B and are also heavier with a 60G acutation force compared to Cherry's 45G, according to the manual.

The actual board looks great plugged in and the LEDs are much darker than they are in the picture. The LEDs have a few functions which are selected by holding down "Function" and selecting one of the 6 keys above the arrow keys.

Mode 1; Does a wave across the keyboard with the wavelength being about 5 keys.
Mode 2; Slowly fades in and out.
Mode 3; The most annoying, but when you press a key, the LEDs radiate away from the key in both directions.
Mode 4; Does another wave, but this time its a fading wave from right to left across the board.
Mode 5; Standard operation of always-on LEDs.
Mode 6; When you tap a key, the LED turns on and then fades. Overall my most favorite function.

Yeah, I'll make a video sometime.

The board feels great for gaming, heavier than a Cherry MX switch and still clicky. Also great for typing reviews.... like I'm doing now with it.

I do have some complaints though.

The space bar is can be VERY sticky if you don't hit it JUST right. It uses a single switch and a support bar and the support bar is not very good. It stuck writing this review 2 times, mostly due to my terrible typing habit of using my index fingers and other fingers for other random keys at random times.

EDIT; the metal bar just needed to be bent slightly, as outlined in this much better review than mine.

So, thats my review of the 1st Player Steampunk keyboard. I hope you enjoyed it and check out this board.
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1st Player Steampunk Keyboard

The Steampunk keyboard, made by 1st Player, a relatively new Taiwanese computer peripheral and part brand, uses their own custom "G" branded switches in an affordable box.

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