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A Review On: addlink 120GB Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - 2.5" 7mm SATAIII 6Gb/s - S10 (ad120GBS10S3)

addlink 120GB Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - 2.5" 7mm SATAIII 6Gb/s - S10 (ad120GBS10S3)

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Pros: Price is around $50, The read/write speed is decent, Backed by FBA

Cons: More protection for such high-value products, should include SSD manual

For upgrading my old PC, replacing the HDD with a SDD was more efficient than changing other parts. My computer used to use a 500GB 7200 rpm HDD as an operating drive but I had to wait at least 5 minutes to get everything ready.

I decided to reinstall the OS and getting a new SSD for small grade. Considering my limited budget, I looked at the SSDs on Amazon and discovered this S10 120GB SSD.

Given that the price of this SSD is under $50, it was fair to get a 120GB SSD for an upgrade. The specification is decent and it has a 3-year warranty. I decided to give this SSD a try. Besides, it has FBA fulfillment service and the delivery time is guaranteed by Amazon. Plus, the drive is covered by Amazon policies.

After some research, I discovered the manufacturer is in Taiwan and backed by Amazon. I googled the SSD and here are the features of the S10:

● Sequential READ speeds of up to 540MB/s and sequential WRITE speeds of up to 460MB/s
● Improves speed of loading applications and system boot up
● Supports TRIM command and Enhanced Error Correction.
● Windows, Mac, Linux compatible, with 7mm to 9mm 2.5"adapter,
● No moving parts, low breakdown, anti-shock and silent operation
● 3 years limited warranty

Unboxing and Testing

The front part of the packaging comes with high-quality printing and includes the attributes of the drive. You can also see more product details on the back of the box such as it being 7mm slim and having a 3-year warranty. While opening the packaging, it is simple and neat as in the SSD itself with a 7mm to 9.5mm adapter.

The design of the SSD is straightforward and its features were highlighted clearly on the front part. As for the back of it, you will find the writing and reading speed rate. As you can see, the SATA3 and power ports are very solid.

The Configuration of my PC:
CPU: Intel i5 - 4590
Motherboard: MSI B85M-P33 V2
Power Supply: 500w
Memory: 4GB Kingston DDR3-1600
Storage Device: addlink S10 120GB 2.5” SSD
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro

Crystal Disk Mark tests the reading and writing performance through getting random data and is incompressible. The interface directly shows its performance in various elements.

It shows us the read speed is up to 531MB/s in read and 475MB/s in write, which is very closed to the official data.
For 4K Random data, it reaches 34MB/s in reading and 100MB/s in writing.

Crystal Disk Info checks the operating temperature of SSD which refers to the stability of the SSD.

After operating for 10 hours, Crystal Disk Info shows the operating temperature is 91 ºF which is very reliable and stable.

Backup / Clone system from hard drive to SSD (Optional)

I used to reinstall my OS and applications to keep them fresh and clean as new. Besides a complete installation, you can try EaseUS Todo Backup, AOMEI Partition Assistant or MiniTool Portable Partition Manager to migrate your data to the SSD.
However, that requires extra precautions and your PC may be unable to boot after cloning your data.

Luckily, we got a reference for that and you can look to decide whether to use it.
I think this article is very useful and all credits goes to the author

Final thoughts on the S10 120GB
After a series of performance tests, I think the S10 is considered as a budget-oriented SSD but performs exceptionally well for old computers. I used to wait for a while for my applications such as web browsers, anti-virus, and video editing software. After installing the S10, all applications are opened within a few seconds and I don’t have to stare at the loading screen.

I used to think the price range always refers to the SSD performance but S10 120GB SSD has shown no compromises under actual operation. In other words, it is an acceptable price considering the 120GB is currently on sale for $45.69. I would prefer using it on a daily-basis because it has significantly improved my PC performance with an affordable price.


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