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Aerocool Strike-X ONE Advance Case

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Pros: Quite spacious, fits up to 9 fans, great airflow, dust filter for PSU and front intake, USB3/USB2 cable, comes with 2x 120mm fans, fits a CM Hyper 212

Cons: Dust filter in front not movable, not much room behind mobo, long graphics cards can be tricky to install, looks are not for everyone

I have this friend of mine, and he seriously needed a new case (he had some random HP case). His Q6600 got too hot, and so did the 2x GTX 460s, which I sold him. I then (almost) forced him to get a new case, so he could get the Q6600 OC'd, and be able to fully utilize the 2x GTX 460s.

I then went on ze wild Interwebz to find him a case. Now, I looked at every single mid-tower case in the sub $90 category. I have a few criteria which needs to be fulfilled before purchasing:

01. Dustfilter for front intake (or at least have the ability to ad it)
02. Dusfitler for PSU (this is really important to me)
03. Bottom mounted PSU
04. Fair cable management (routing cables behind motherboard if possible)
05. Front intake, side intake (or bottom), top exhaust and rear exhaust
06. Support at least 120mm fans in all positions (see #05.)
07. Preferably 2x pre-installed 120mm fans
08. Should fit at least a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

That being said, I looked at both the Cooler Master Elite 341 Black, which my brother owns. It's a good case, but this guy has a really tight budget, so I ended up not suggesting it. The rest in the Cooler Master Elite series were really not anything particularly good. Now a serious choice was a NZXT Beta EVO, and it had a lot of good features, but there would have been quite a lot of extra features I had to put on top of the case, and that was not an option.

Anyway, looking around on Caseking.de (REALLY great place if you live in Europe - especially Denmark), I stumbled upon the Aerocool Strike-X ONE Advance case. This case had a bunch of really great features. At first glance, it lived up to all criterias except #01, which was the absolute most feature rich case I've been looking at in the sub $90 market! And the best thing was that when I got my hands on the case, it had a dust filter right behind the big "X" on the front panel - I was so happy when I saw this!

On we go then. When installing the hardware I did not come across any serious problems. Everything fit in nice and perfect! It had enough screws, and nothing was to any inconvenience. The only "problem" I encountered was that his motherboard (ASRock N7AD-SLI) had the processor socket located further towards the top thus making it a bit tricky to lower into the case. Also because of this location of the socket, I could not fit a fan in the top back 120mm fan slot. Although, this was no trouble at all, since I could install a 120mm fan in the top front mount. Because of the top and side fans' extruded position, you would be able to fit a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO in there with 0.5 to 1 cm clearance. I would believe a 162mm tall heat sink could be installed. If you happen to have a newer setup like Sandy Bridge, you would be able to fit 2x 120mm fans in the top mounts.

So if you're on a look-out for a case for less than $90 the Aerocool Strike-X ONE Advance would be a really great suggestion!

I would recommend it 100%!

Hope you liked this little review. The first I've ever made. Sorry, I don't have any pictures, but I might have some at a later point.
Aerocool Strike-X ONE Advance Case

The Aerocool Strike-X ONE Advance Mid-tower case is a case for the consumer who wishes intuitive features at a very low price point. I would call this case an extreme budget case. Although being very cheap it has a crazy many features!

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