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Aerocool Strike-x s.t.


Pros: Room to grow,and eventually upgrade to or add ANYTHING that I'll ever want or need. The built-in fan connections make it easy,just plug them in-right

Cons: Almost broke my back lifting it out of the box. Hard to find anyone with one to chat with.... if thats a con?

I absolutely LOVE this case! I built my last system with a storm scout and that was fine but tight in some areas. This monster makes my Asrock Fatality 990fx standard ATX mobo look like a micro! Plenty of space for everything. I added the second 200mm fan on top,a 120 mm behind the mobo, and 2 120's on the bottom for intake and 2 more 120's left side for GPU intake and cooling and I still have room for 8 more! There's even screw holes to mount 2-140's behind the hard drive rack! I'm still debating whether or not to ass another power supply on top and put my water cooling radiator in front of it, just to make the case look less empty... Easily room for crossfire 3 way or whatever else u may want to do. 10 outta 10!thumb.gif
Aerocool Strike-x s.t.

This new S.T. edition of the strike-x from Aerocool is the "super tower". A simply HUGE case with awesome airflow and room to fit anything and everything from dual 1000 watt power supply's to water cooling radiators of the largest size. The built-in (3) P.C.B.'s have 7 fan jacks on each to control up to 21 fans with the stock fan controllers. The dual hot-swap bay fit either size of sata hard drives and the supplied wheels make it easy to move this monster!

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