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AeroCool Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Gaming Case

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Pros: Nice looking front, accepts very big GPUs, possibility to install 2x 140mm fans at the side panel, nice front fan configuration options.

Cons: Doesn't have 3,5 external bays, HDD installation/system is crap, no space for cable managment.

This is a pretty nice looking case, but for the price I paid (47.50€ in Spain) there are better options (Like the NOX Coolbay SX).
Inside, there's lots of space because the HDD system is all made from 5,25 bays. Then you have to put the HDD/SSD into a adaptor (it comes with 5 adaptors IIRC) that fits into those bays. Also, the adaptors can be used to add fans at the front panel AND behind the HDD cage (so you can actually do something like a push-pull on the HDD bays. It has 3 exterior 5,25 bays, that come with very easy to remove/install covers. But, it doesn't have any external 3,5 bay and it doesn't comes with a 5,25 to 3,5 adaptor so if you want something like a card reader, you'll have to buy one.
For the PSU, it has a bottom fan filter, which is a bit crappy, it feels like cheap plastic and also the retention system is not very good. For cable managment there isn't lot's of options, the back of the motherboard tray is very very small and it doesn't have a hole to pass the 8-pin CPU so no cable managment for the 8-pin cable at all. Then you've got some holes at the bottom of the motherboard tray to pass the cables through, but as I did mention earlier, there isn't lots of space (due to the design of the side panel), maybe you can fit 1 sata/molex cable, but that's all.
Also, it comes with the possibility to add a bottom fan right after the PSU, but it's pretty much useless, because all the PSU cables are going to hit the fan and block the airflow.
It comes with a standard Aerocool 120mm fan at the back and a Blue-Led Aerocool front fan with also a little dust filter on the front grill. On the front panel, you can find also 2 USB 3.0 and Mic and Headphones jacks.
For the 3 external 5,25 bays (which you can also use to put HDDs/SSDs) there are 3 screw-free clips so you can easily add or remove a HDD or a CD Drive.

I wouldn't recommend this case, there are better options for the same price tag (at least with the 47.50€ price tag here in Spain).
AeroCool Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Gaming Case

The AeroCool 841269021432 Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Gaming Case can accommodate ATX and Micro ATX motherboards to ensure outstanding data processing. You can add hard drives, USB peripherals and audio devices to this Mid-Tower Gaming Case with its six 3.5-inch Bays and three 5.25-inch Bays, two USB 3.0 ports and two front audio ports. The AeroCool 841269021432 Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Gaming Case is built to last, too, with two 120mm Fans.

BindingPersonal Computers
TitleAeroCool Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Gaming Case
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement841269021432
Package Height10.04 inches
Package Length21.46 inches
Package Weight12.57 pounds
Package Width19.88 inches
ProductGroupPC Accessory
UPCList - UPCListElement841269021432
Item Weight12.1 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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