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Aerocool Xpredator Evil Black Edition


Pros: Lots of space, cool looks, silent, USB3.0 support, built in fan controller,

Cons: No restart button,

I upgraded to this case after using a Haf 922 midtower case. To be honest Haf 922 was doing the job for me, but since i have a Zotac 590 GTX GPU, i really wanted to go with a full tower case with lots of space for better air flow.


I was told that the Aerocool Xpredator is an exact copy of one of the Alienware cases which can only be a good thing .Xpredator series also have few other color options but I opted for the orange and black combination. 


The case arrived my home with a huge box which was enough to excite a 29 years old gamer.




Unpackaging was easy and fast, and the moment I took the case out of the box, i was sure that I did the right decision. The case looked so great and was not as heavy as I thought it would be. One thing i noticed that the exterior build quality was awesome so were the panels on the top.




And here is a quick comparision in size between my old Haf 922 and my new Aerocool Xpredator.




Taking out the side panel was much easier and efficient than my old Haf 922 case as there is no need to use force to take it off or put it back on. When I took the side panel out I immediately noticed that the interior was spacy enough for me to keep this case for at least 5 years. I can not think of any future motherboards or GPUs that would not fit in this case. 


Also the case comes with only 2 230mm fans which are both 46 cfm. The front one has an orange led, but the top fan has no led installed.. Although 46 cfm seems low, when they work, they do a great job on cooling the system but more on that later.




After disassembling my old Haf 922, i immediately started assembling the Xpredator. Some of the assembling did not require any tools at all, but some of the assembling required tools. Basically a screw driver. The case comes with around 50 screws, and all are desidgned to fit for different places such as HDD, Power etc...


First I installed the motherboard, RAMS, CPU, CPU cooler. Assembling the motherboard to the case was a piece of cake and my Asus P8Z68V-le motherboard looked like a dwarf inside the case. In my older setup the motherboard was extremely close to the PSU which was located in the bottom of the 922, but in this one although the PSU is again at the bottom, there is good enough space between the PSU and the motherboard.


After I took care of everything related to the motherboard, i decided to install a 140mm Akasa Viper silent fan to act like a rear fan. The rear fan can either be 120mm or 140mm so I opted for 140mm for silence and efficieny.






The case comes with its built in fan control that does the job in general but more advanced users might want to install a more profesional fan controller. The built in fan controller can carry up to 6 fans. 3 of them are connected to FAN A wheel in front and the other three are connected to FAN B wheel which is also in front of the case. I have my 2 230mm fans connected to FAN A at the moment. When turning the wheel for FAN A all the way down, the fans do not shut off but they do function at lower RPMs.


Installations of the GPU and the soundcard does not require any tools as the case have clips that will act like a screw. They are strong as well. The Xpredator also can support up to 6 5*25 external devices, 6 HDD or SSD devices which is pretty good and more than enough for even the most advanced users out there. However be sure to have long PSU cables as the distance between the PSU and the upper 5*25 slot is huge especially if you take the cable from the back of the case for proper cable management.


Cable management on the other hand is very easy with the Xpredator as there are lots of spaces where you can take your cables to. However the plastic that surrounds the holes on the case can come off if you are not too careful. When they come off, you can easily put them back on but it might be a hassle.


Besides the 2 230mm fans and 1 optional 140mm rear fan I installed, there is still lots of room for installing more fans. The bottom of the case supports either a 120mm or a 140mm fan, and the side panel can support up to 4 120mm/140mm fans or 1 180mm/200mm fan. The decision is upon you. If you install 4 smaller fans the airflow will be better but the noise could be more, if you install 1 bigger fan than the noise could be less but the air flow could not be as great as 4 smaller fans. Also you can replace the top 230mm fan with 2 120mm/140mm fans. Now i can not confirm it but what I heard was, if you want to have a 360 radiator, the 230mm fan gets in the way so people might be forced to opt for 2/120mm fans for the top.


This is how my case looks like when its all put together.




After testing the case for 1 week, i can easily say that I have yet to find a single problem with it. The only downside is that the case strangely does not have a restart button but it is not a much of a hassle for me. Some advanced users actually came up with methods to install their own restart buttons to the case but so far I dont feel the need. Another good thing about the case is that there are 3 USB ports and 1 can be used as USB 3.0. the trich is that the middle USB port has a red USB cable extension inside the case, You simply plug that USB cable to the 3.0 USB port of your motherboard, that is of course if your motherboard is 3.0. You can see that red USB cable on the below picture, but as you can see you will have to use 1 of the 4 water cooling holes located in the rear.




Aerocool really came up with a great and an affordable case with the Xpredator series. The case is especially popular in Europe and Asia, but i have yet to see someone using the case in North America. Since I live in Turkey the prices here are very expensive but in most parts of Europe the case is somewhere between 120-150 Euros.


If you are in the market for a new Full Tower case, and want to purchase something that looks good, is built very well and has lots of space, and do not want to spend lots of money, look no further as this case will suit all your needs, and has a great look.


If you have any questions regarding the case, feel free to ask me.

Aerocool Xpredator Evil Black Edition

A Full Tower case by Aerocool

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