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Akasa 12cm APACHE Black


Pros: PWM, High static pressure, Good flow to noise ratio

Cons: None

Hands down the best fans I have ever owned. I have these and the higher speed version Vipers. I use these for the fans that are mounted close to the outside, and use the Vipers on the inside fans. Come pre-sleeved with high quality sleeving. The static pressure on these fans are top notch, and they also support a great long life and quiet bearing, which on these, are upto Military specs.

IMO, these are best use with a PWM splitter like the Akasa Flexa or Smart Splitter. As they allow you to control multiple PWM fans with one CPU PWM fan header without worrying about overloading your fan header as they supply their own power to the fans. Then you can control basically all your radiator, or even case fans, based on your CPU temperature.
Akasa 12cm APACHE Black

Super silent 12cm fan with S-FLOW blades supplying 30% more airflow than a standard fan at the same speed. The greater performance combined with PWM automatic speed control allows the fan noise to be kept to a minimum. The Apache fan creates more focused airflow providing blind-spot cooling, which makes it an ideal solution for a case or heatsink fan. HDB (Hydro Dynamic) bearings extend fan life and further enhance noise reduction. IP54 military standard ensures the fan is dust and moisture resistant. It’s powerful, quiet and tough!

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Overclock.net › Components › Fans & Heatsinks › Case Fans › Akasa 12cm APACHE Black