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Akasa 14cm Viper fan


Pros: Quier, clears lots of air, extremely easy to install

Cons: None so far

I am using this fan as a rear fan for my Aerocool Xpredator case and it works like a charm. Even at full speed, the noise is not so much which makes it a great product. The Akasa Viper 140mm edition clears 110 cfm or air and that is a lot for a fan of its size. I would recommend this fan to anyone out there whom are looking for a silent fan that clears lots of hot air. Look nowhere else if you also like the color as the Akasa Viper 140mm fan only comes in yellow so far. This fan is a definite WIN!

Akasa 14cm Viper fan

High performance 14cm fan with S-FLOW blades supplying 30% more airflow than a standard fan at the same speed. The greater performance combined with PWM automatic speed control allows the fan noise to be kept to a minimum. The Viper fan creates more focused airflow providing blind-spot cooling, which makes it an ideal solution for a case or heatsink fan. HDB (Hydro Dynamic) bearings extend fan life and further enhance noise reduction. Killer Viper yellow colour makes this fan distinctive and unique.

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