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AKG K550


Pros: Pretty much everything, great sound quality

Cons: Cups are a bit flimsy and the headband never feels very secure

Owned these headphones for close to a year. Just wanted to add my own thoughts to the other great review about these headphones.

I needed something with decent isolation, and with decent comfort as I was forgoing my comfy DT990Pros which were open back.

Source files: 320kpbs, FLAC, ALAC

Used with a Fiio E7 primarily

These were thankfully easy to drive, used them with my HTC One a lot. They are quite comfortable for extended hours of use but like any closeback, they leave my ears super sweaty.

I still have some reservations between purchasing this or the Ultrasone 900 but this is a great easily drivable, comfortable and a headphone with the sound signature I wanted.

But holy crap, these look great, like in real life they look amazing. Look better than most any headphone I've seen (I've only seen Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Shure, Hifiman and listened to in real life).

They are quite light due to the headband, easy to lug across campus. All in all I'd say 9/10, definitely would buy again.


Pros: Neutral, clear sound, sleek sturdy metal design, very comfortable, rivals more expensive headphones, great isolation.

Cons: Not the best fit for smaller heads, non-removable cable.

This review will be geared more towards the average user and not the hardcore audiophile.

First off, the equipment I have used these with. My current set up is a Schiit Audio Magni & Modi. I have also used these with a Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC/Amp, Simaudio Moon 100D DAC + Magni, Moon 100D + Little dot I+ , iPhone 5.. all with lossless files.

They have all sounded amazing. My favorite setup was the Moon 100D DAC paired with my Magni amp. I say this because I think the 100D is slightly more transparent than the Modi.. slightly. Worth the price gap between the two... no, not to me. These are driven fine with an iPhone. I find the volume on the phone has to be around 3/4 level to really hear *everything*, especially if you are out in public. But I find this problem with almost every headphone I listen to on the iPhone so it doesn't lose any points here. Obviously these are going to sound much better when amp'd, but they don't need to be if you want to take them to class, work, etc. with you on the go.

These follow right in suite with AKG's sound signature. Neutral/balanced, clean, crisp sound that really bring out string instrumentals. They sound almost identical to the K702's I have used, with the K702's obviously being more open sounding. With these being closed, they provide better bass response than most AKG headphones. Are they as bass-y as a Beyerdynamic? No. Dubstep, rap, bass-head's may want to look elsewhere. Are they bad with this music? No, not at all, they sound great. You are just not going to thump like other headphones can. For classical music and in-between they are amazing and I recommend everyone try these to see the type of quality you are getting for this price. I am a price/performance ratio nerd and these fit the bill. They also provide great isolation to outside noise and vice versa. I like my privacy and these do the job.

Where they lose some points are in the fitting department. It is important to get a good seal with these headphones to get the full quality you can out of them, especially for bass response. This tends to be a problem for people with smaller heads. Since they are a malleable metal, some people have been known to flex the band so they provide a tighter fit. It also would have been nice to have a removable cable. This would make it easier to do cable upgrades and for that extra protection when traveling and storing.

All in all I think everyone should try these out. As stated, they have great performance for the price, have a great open sound even though they are closed, and look incredible. Good luck with your purchases. thumb.gif
AKG K550

Closed-Back Reference Class Headphones

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