Allsop Raindrop Review (Overwatch perspective)

A Review On: Allsop XL Mouse Pad- Raindrop Blue

Allsop XL Mouse Pad- Raindrop Blue

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Pros: Very low friction, uniform, fast

Cons: Slippery at first, lacks control until used to it

For $10 this mousepad is amazing. It isn't any worse than high end gaming pads. It is a slick/silky style so may feel too slippery at first but when you get used to it you can still have pretty good control, but not as easy stopping precision as other common popular cloth gaming pads.

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2 great problems with this one:
- too small
- not avaliable in the EU (sometimes it is but the shipping is like 15-20$)

Otherwise it's the best and most durable mousepad out there.