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AMD 760K 3.8GHz Socket FM2 Quad-Core Desktop Processor

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Unlocked Quad-core on a Budget

Cons: Stock CPU Cooler is Junk

I'm writing this review because there is a lack of reviews out there for the 750K and 760K. I'l talk about the 750K briefly as well since that information is related. The difference between the chips is that the 750K is based on the Trinity APU, and the 760K is based on the revised Richland APU. Since they use the same piledriver CPU architecture and the integrated graphics is disabled, there really isn't much difference between the two except a few MHz and a few dollars. I went with the 760K simply because it was on discount.

First of all these Athlon X4s are FM2 processors that work on the FM2 and FM2+ chipset motherboards from AMD. These will not work on AM2/3/+ motherboards, So which motherboard to get? It all depends on your budget and needs. There are some really dirt cheap mobos for FM2/FM2+, and even some cheap ones with good features. Even the high end A85 and A88X boards are only about $100 or so. If you have a SATA 3 SSD, make sure your boards comes with SATA 3, as some of the dirt cheap boards are still only SATA 2 and will cut into performance a bit. As far as overclocking, from what I have seen, even the cheap boards can overclock the snot out of these chips because they just aren't that much of power hogs. I went on the safe side and picked up the Extreme 6+, but it doesn't really OC my chip any better or worse than some of the cheaper boards.

What memory to pair with this? Make sure it's a dual channel kit to take advantage of the faster dual channel interface of the memory controller. That means you can use 2 or 4 sticks. 750K and 760K both support DDR3-1866, but your mileage may vary greatly. If you have a good chip, you might get much further. I run my DDR3-2133 kit at 2400 on this CPU. I would just get whatever is reasonably priced because more than likely you can overclock it a bit anyway.

Now since these CPUs are APUs with the integrated graphics disabled, you are going to need a discreet GPU. I went with a Radeon 7850 because it was on discount. Get whatever you need to play your games.

I warn you, if you plan on overclocking this chip, (and why wouldn't you?), the CPU cooler that comes with it is one of the worst I have seen, hardly more than a small flimsy scrap of aluminum with a tiny fan attached. You won't need much, but get an aftermarket heatsink with some copper heat pipes or one of those cute all-in-one liquid kits, whatever is on discount (are you getting the theme here?)

Now about that overclock. Luckily here on Overclock.net we have an official club dedicated to these wonderful Athlons. Here you can ask specific questions and provide advice on all performance tuning matters. So take a look at http://www.overclock.net/t/1404334/amd-athlon-x2-340-370-and-athlon-x4-740-750k-760k-be-owners-club

So now I should actually get to the review part and give you my opinion on whether or not to buy this chip right? Obviously this Athlon x4 fits into a certain niche of a price/performance ratio. These are the undisputed kings of value for anything under an i5 or FX-8320. The reason I say that is because the next best chips are the i3 and the FX-6300, but they are priced way too high and close to the much better i5 and FX-8320, So unless you are going balls to the wall on the CPU, just pick up one of these little buggers, overclock it, and save yourself a Benjamin that you can use for other computer parts, or hoard your money tongue.gif


Pros: Low price, fast clock speed, UNLOCKED

Cons: Crappy cpu cooler, no L3 cache ( not really needed anyways )

This CPU will get the job done, whether you are a gamer, overclocker, or normal pc user. This processor has surprised me in how well it preforms. Yes it does get pretty hot, but that's not really an issue once you get a new cpu cooler. In my experience, this CPU is worth every dollar. Just try it out yourself and you'll see.
AMD 760K 3.8GHz Socket FM2 Quad-Core Desktop Processor

Do more of the things you want to in less time and enhance your digital life with the multi-core performance and energy efficiency of AMD Athlon X4 760K Black Edition processor-based desktop systems. When combined with superior AMD Radeon HD graphics card, systems based on the AMD Athlon processor deliver a vivid visual experience, superior multi-tasking, and exceptional digital media performance with next-generation energy efficiency.

BindingPersonal Computers
Feature32 nm Richland 100W 2 x 2MB L2 Cache 3.8GHz Operating Frequency
TitleAMD Athlon Multi Core Processor AD760KWOHLBOX, 760K Richland 3.8GHz Socket FM2 100W
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementRW1112
Item Height2.75 inches
Item Length4.75 inches
Item Width3.5 inches
Package Height2.52 inches
Package Length4.33 inches
Package Weight0.71 pounds
Package Width3.54 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement730143303521
Item Weight0.27
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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