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AMD Athlon 2650e

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Pros: Performance for low power consumption

Cons: Not that much performance

This is a great little HTPC chip.  Low power consumption and compatible with just about any Socket AM2 board, in case you're not willing to blow $100 on a new Atom/ION(2) setup or AMD E-Series APU setup.


It provides much better CPU performance than the Intel Atom, though not enough to be anything worthy.  Windows 7 does not run particularly fast when I attempt to multitask.


The CPU will CPU-accelerate decoding if needed, otherwise all decoding can be done with the GPU (Radeon HD 4200/785G in my machine).


I also happened to get mine free, though there are various places you can get this for low cost.

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AMD Athlon 2650e

The AMD Athlon 2650e is a single core processor with a 15W TDP, competitive with Intel's Atom processor. It is great for use in Home Theatre PCs and other low power applications. It is also relatively overclockable.

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