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AMD FX 8120 8-Core Processor 3.1 8 Socket AM3 - FD8120FRGUBOX

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Excellent overclocking potential, an 8-core processor that's now under $160, it handles anything I throw at it very well.

Cons: The only real drawback to AMD processors... the weaker memory controllers compared Intel Core i7s

I've been running the crap out of mine since I got it over a year ago with no issues, other than the limitations of the 990FX chipset's lack of support for PCI-Ex 3.0 and AMD's memory controllers being very tricky to fine tune and support RAM speeds at anything over 1866. I'm pretty confident that my FX-8120 is a very strong one for the model... I generally ran it for most of 2012 at a 10% overclock, 3.4 GHz. Since mid-February I have had it running at 4.2 with very good results with a Corsair H80 cooler. From what I've encountered and heard on the G-Skill forums and from what I've read since I stumbled across the forums here, a lot of people have trouble tuning in stable overclocks beyond 20% while running DDR3-1866 RAM at the memory's rated speed, especially the 32GB I am. It took some time and fair bit trial and error in BIOS to tweak the proper settings and voltages, but I'm very happy with a solid CPU that holds up strong with a stable 35% overclock and relatively cool temps (42 C after 6 hours of a 100% load stress test). For the money, you're getting an outstanding degree of performance with this CPU.


Pros: Fast, multitasks great. Superb for rendering data. Superb for Gaming. Overclocks well. Great for everything!

Cons: Can run VERY hot. May need some updated software for certain devices.

A relatively new product from AMD, Bulldozer FX series introduces 8 core processors to the already competitive CPU market. Rest assured the 8120 is an excellent processor. Be it that you want to just browse multiple internet pages at once with absolutely no slow down. Render video and 3D models with excellent speed. Game with the best of them, this CPU handles it all! While not the strongest out there, with a quickly dropping price, it's becoming one of the best CPUs to have when on a budget. A slight downside to the FX series is how hot they can run. With a cpu limit at 61 degrees, keeping the 8120 down in temperature can require some tampering, especially if you plan to overclock. Being relatively new hardware, be sure to update your motherboard BIOS to the latest edition ASAP. That way you can ensure everything you throw at the CPU is handled properly.


Pros: 3.1 ghz is a good start

Cons: OC need after market cooling for sure to keep temps reasonable

I have always been a AMD fan but this chip was the best investment i ever made for my Computer i love the OC ability and performance for gaming it brings even at stock speeds. For the price and the name i am willing to always pay there prices and will continue to use amd in my gaming machines.

In the end i have been running the Cpu at 4.4 ghz since day one and it runs Fantastic.

If you are hindered by buget this is the chip for you i would recomend this to any one that loves AMD and wants to watch the buget for an 8 core cpu.thumb.gif


Pros: Super fast, i upgraded from a Phenom II x3 720 overclocks like a dream.

Cons: Stock Heatsink is horrible, runs very warm, i recommend aftermarket cooling (I'm using an H-100)

This CPU works better than i had expected, heard tons of reviews, and i have been an AMD fan for a long time, i play most current games from Skyrim all the way to BF3 on ultra, this paired with an Asus 7850 GPU, eats everything, i record using fraps, playclaw, and i can made HD videos without a hiccup.

I also render in Sony Vegas, and this CPU for the price, renders super fast.

I'm just a gamer and a novice editor, but this cpu, gives you what you need without going broke.

Hope this review was helpful!


Pros: Inexpensive, Lots of Cores, Insane Overclocking

Cons: Bad IPC, Hot, Limited Voltage

If bought used, this processor is an insane value for gaming. Its high overclockability provides for great performance. However, as everyone knows, these chips run hot! I would recommend when they can be found used


Pros: Great CPU for its dramatic new architecture.

Cons: It's the first of its kind

I like this processor a lot due to the fact that it offers great performance if you take into consideration it is a brand new architecture that has never been tried before. It is a amazing chip for overclocking and has many features. Some people like to argue that Sandy Bridge is way better but I disagree. Overall SB does perform better but you have to understand that this architecture has not yet been optimized like SB has. There is a lot of potential with these chips I think and I believe that AMD is on to something big here as long as they can become familiarized with its new design and make the most out of it. When the chip first came out there were some problems with stability and bios compatibility and things like that but now that they are beginning to be worked out we are starting to see potential from this four module chip. Given a little more time to mature I think Bulldozer will be ahead of its time soon enough.

AMD FX 8120 8-Core Processor 3.1 8 Socket AM3 - FD8120FRGUBOX

Experience responsive game play and mega-tasking performance with AMD FX Processors. Get AMD FX in your system.

FeatureLarger Caches - increase everyday performance with support up to 8MB L2 Cache and 8MB L3 Cache
Height5.12 inches
Length5.91 inches
Weight1 pounds
Width3.35 inches
List Price$229.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPersonal Computer
TitleAMD FX 8120 8-Core Processor 3.1 8 Socket AM3 - FD8120FRGUBOX
Warranty3 year limited warranty
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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