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A Review On: AMD FX 8120 8-Core Processor 3.1 8 Socket AM3 - FD8120FRGUBOX

AMD FX 8120 8-Core Processor 3.1 8 Socket AM3 - FD8120FRGUBOX

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Pros: 3.1 ghz is a good start

Cons: OC need after market cooling for sure to keep temps reasonable

I have always been a AMD fan but this chip was the best investment i ever made for my Computer i love the OC ability and performance for gaming it brings even at stock speeds. For the price and the name i am willing to always pay there prices and will continue to use amd in my gaming machines.

In the end i have been running the Cpu at 4.4 ghz since day one and it runs Fantastic.

If you are hindered by buget this is the chip for you i would recomend this to any one that loves AMD and wants to watch the buget for an 8 core cpu.thumb.gif


Is there any real difference beside clock speed between 8120 and 8150?
no there is not same specs all around i belive the 8150 is 3.5 ghz and 3.1ghz for the 8120 and if ya OC what is it going to mater besides the top end my buddy has the 8150 and he got it stable at 4.8 ghz so .4 ghz difference and in the end are ya going to spend 80 more dollars for the .4 ghz
and sorry it is a 50 dollars price increase
Gonna buy one of these with my HS Graduation money, they're $130 at the local microcenter right now so I can't really say no... Should be a great replacement for my Q9450 3.4 GHz, much better choice than spending $150 on DDR2 ram, Am I right or what? haha
Lol yeah you go get that cpu ram here is cheap 40 buck for ddr3 1800
So basically 8150 is a cherry picked 8120 running at higher clock. I thought it was this way for awhile. Just want to confirm.
pretty good for my fx-8120 was really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd hardly call an 8150 cherry picked. They all seem to clock just the same as 8120's. It's basically the same marketing as the 1090t and 1100t. If AMD can sell a couple chips for a premium to people that don't overclock, or are uninformed then why not. No loss in profit margin.
I am very happy with my FX-8120. It has performed very well and much better than expected considering the reviews that it has got. For any one already on a good 890FXA or 990FX mainboard you can't go wrong with this chip. The Intel fanboys do not seem to factor in the price of quality mainboard into there just get an i5 statements as it is not just the price of an Intel CPU but a new mainboard to boot! Mine runs at 4ghz with just a 20x multiplier clock and cooled with a XSPC 750 RS240 and am able to play any game I have in 1080p on ultra/max with very good frame rate what more would I want or need.
This isn't a budget CPU, the price range for a budget CPU would be in the 100-150 range. So for a budget you would either want an I3 2100, or P2 980 BE, or maybe an FX-4100. The I3 2100 happens to beat them both in most gaming benchmarks. For the $200 range, Intel has no competition, because the sandy/ivy bridge just blow the doors off anything AMD has in that price range.
I bought my FX8120 for $109 at microcenter. They are $159 right now on newegg.
IPC wise, the Bulldozer is 25% slower than Phenom II, and that alone means Ivy Bridge is 50% faster at the same clock speed as Bulldozer.

IF Bulldozer can get to 5.5 Ghz and can OC to 6.5 Ghz with reasonable power and heat, it can compare. For now, it doesn't, and an Phenom II 1090t at 4Ghz with CPU-NB overclock of 2800 mhz beats the crap out of the FX-8150 in plenty of benchmarks, especially the gaming ones.

They mislead us a bit with the whole 8 core thing, and while there ARE 8 integer cores, the FPU has to be shared between 2 cores in a "module" while a full Phenom II core has all its dedicated resources to itself. That explains a lot of Bulldozer's low IPC, and really, it's AMD's version of Hyperthreading, but with dedicated resources to each thread, whereas the threads on Intels have to compete for the limited resources of a single core.

BD's design has the potential to be better than Intel, but at this point there's a lot of kinks to work out.
Amd is a good chip and as to benchmarks and what is better there is no end to the debate and untill there is no more personal choice in if you buy and intel or an amd the debate will continue. In the end it comes down to what you want where you get it and how much you want to spend on it and as a consumer i find that the Amd 8120 is the chip for some one that wants performance and price with a little kick with and OC configuration. I also found there is no game that i cant play with high settings and no application that runs slow.

So if you want it buy it that is what make your computer yours. If yours is faster in some way great good for you im happy, you are lovin your new intel chip or amd chip as long as you are happy it does not matter if it is the best or not.
Your money. Your life, YOUR COMPUTER
Game on and Enjoy the age of the computer
I wouldn't hate on the 8120 too much at this price range considering it is pretty close to an i3. The 8120 can be overclocked and should be at least close to i5 2500k stock when oced. Can i3 overclocked to a i5 2500k?
Sorry man. I am the wroug person to awnser that question never owned an Intel chip since the PIII 1066 i belive it was and i hated it 500 bucks back in the day and it sucked never went back and don't really understand how the !3 and !5 and 2500k and all that all i know is i hated that PIII
LoL 10 years and im still pissed about that chip LoL
Let me guess... someone bought a new GPU at the same time as the new CPU. Only way to fool themselves into thinking they got a great gaming processor.
nope i had a Phenom and then got the new video card and then bought the 8120 that completed the sytem and made the gaming much better lol the GPU had a little to do with it too im sure