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A Review On: AMD FX-8150 FX 8-Core Black Edition Processor (FD8150FRGUBOX)

AMD FX-8150 FX 8-Core Black Edition Processor (FD8150FRGUBOX)

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Captain Nemo
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Pros: Inexpensife, easy to install, 8 cores! Say no more.

Recently upgraded my old AMD 6000+ Dual Core chip with the newest AMD FX-8150 8 Core powerhouse. Installation is easy with the ZIF chip housing on the ASUS Sabertooth 990 FX motherboard.
For the price you cannot beat what AMD is offering. I have not OC'd her yet, but will do that soon as I can't wait to wring some extra power out of this CPU.

ASUS Sabertooth motherboard
16GB Corsair 1600 DDR3 RAM
Coarsair AX-850 Professional Series PSU
2 X 500 GB HDD's
2 X Nvidia GTS 450 GPU's
Corsair H-80 Water Cooler

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I think I'm gonna sell my FX 4100 and get one of these Or the 8120..