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AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor 4.0GHz Socket AM3+ FD8350FRHKBOX

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: 8 cores for the future

Cons: Intel fanboys

Gotta love ppl not real 8 cores when in fact it is it's a 4 modules cpu with 2 cores in each modules that share resources get over it it's a 8 core and AMD came out with it first now Intel will come out with one.

Mine OC great runs well with a h212 OC n the winter with push n pull but really loves to be on water when room temp is hot. At 4ghz my h212 had no problems even when my room had no AC n the summer last year very hot summer.

If you go by benchmarks you will never get any where the ppl with the money intel/nvidia pay most of them to be in there favor and not in amd favor. example

I had a catzilla score over 15000 with my 7970 not that long later a new catzilla came out and i could never get that high again and it's like that with most benchmarks. So i don't run them and if i do I don't put everything on it and no one should.

This is what matters. Games using all 8.

Games that dont.


Pros: Fast! Great for gaming, can keep up with Intel!

Cons: Hot, needs water to push it far

Another Micro Center purchase for me, I got mine with the Formula-z motherboard to replace my fx 6100/ m5a97 set/up.Compared to my bulldozer the main diffrence I have noticed with the 8350 is I get ALOT more fps with the games I play,were talking 40+ fps at most games,while certin games have jumped up to 100 fps more!~ Heat is the only negative thing about this cpu it runs Hot as hell~ So if your planning on buying this thing make sure you have a nice motherboard to put it in so you can utlize its full potential! Also as far as cooling goes iam getting a custom loop for mine but with a regular air cooler I dont see this thing standing the test of time it just runs way to hot compared to my fx 6100~ you have 95 w vs 140 w that could be the diffrence here? As far as overclocking goes now I havent begun beacuse I dont have the proper cooling needed, but i can see this thing hitting 5ghz easily ive tried it!~ This is a perfect gaming cpu just get proper cooling and ull love it~ I was running 5-6 apps the other day and opend my amd system monitor it said my cpu was at 5% its just so awsome to watch all the 8 cores at work, this puppy is FAST~! thumb.gif


Pros: Technically 8-core, 4.0Ghz base clock, lots of cache, AM3+ socket

Cons: overclocking is heat limited very quickly

The AMD FX-8350 is a very fast processor and handles my video rendering with ease, even at stock clocks. However, to really see the benefit of it you must have programs that use all eight cores (threads if you are using Windows). Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas both love this processor's extra capabilities and utilize it to its full potential. Single core performance is still quite impressive and will be a major performance boost over any last generation CPU. Because gaming is so heavily GPU reliant you will see no real difference in gaming performance unless your last processor was limiting your GPU bus performance. Overall, this processor is more than worth the money and garners performance comparable to the entry level Ivy Bridge i7's. You will not regret having this in your system.


Pros: Quite cheap, unlocked

Cons: Not as powerful as you might think, and it gets HOT also the modular architecture suffers in many situations due to lack of support.

So, the AMD vs Intel war continues, the AMD FX 8350 is a octa core 4.0 to 4.2 GHz processor from the bulldozer series.

First, lets take a look at the specs: And compare it to the i5 3570k, the nearest intel competitor

AMD FX-8350 i5 3570k
Chip: AM3+ Chip FCLGA1155
Clock frequency: 4000MHz (4200 at turbo) VS Clock frequency: 3400MHz (3800 at turbo)
Power consumption:125 watts Power consumption:77 watts
Max memory bandwidth:21 GB/s Max memory bandwidth:25.6 GB/s
Max memory size:32GB Max memory size:32GB
Cores:8 Cores:4
Threads:8 Threads:4

Now from looking at the stats you'd expect the faster processor to be the fx 8350 but as you can see from the transfer rate the i5 3570K trumps the amd processor in a big way, now, to address the core difference i will attempt to explain as best i can why the amd processor is octa core, when in actual fact, it really isn't.
Okay, so even though the fx 8350 is listed as octa core, it just acts that way. in actual fact it runs off modules, each module containing 2 threads, unfortunately this means that the performance suffers when a program does not support the architecture and does not allow each module to operate properly, making each of the two cores inside the module perform half as well as an intel core. so in situations when a game relies on the individual power of a core, the processor runs effectively half as well as intel's architecture. this only happens in single thread programs (special thanks to gorbaz for explaining this to me, hope i got it right biggrin.gif)

i5 3570k amd fx 8350
Shogun 2: Total War CPU Test: 28-34 17-22
(1,920 x 1,080, default settings, no AA, no AF)
skyrim :
(1,920 x 1,080, Ultra Settings, 0x AA, 16x AF) 94-145 50-103

In conclusion the amd fx 8350 is a decent CPU for the price, however because of its design it suffers quite alot of performance in gaming to intel processors. it really depends on what you're doing but for the price range if you are a gamer i would recommend the i5 3570k over this processor, however it does overclock reasonably well.On the other hand, for the use of video editing multitasking ect the fx 8350 does fair better, (because of its modular system) the i5 3570k is £30 more but I do think it is worth the money.

Thanks for reading
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Pros: Runs 8 Cores, lots of Cache, Runs all games Maxed, Great Price

Cons: HOT, Need WC for Pushing OC's, IPC ain't ground breaking, did I say HOT?

Got this CPU for my X-Mas Upgrade, and coming from a C2Q Q9550 @ 4.3Ghz, I must say WOW, On BF3, BF4 and Crysis WOW. On WoW and ETS2, kinda okay. It was worth the $190 i gave for her, and will serve me well for the Future games.

When it comes to OC, you only need 4.6Ghz to 5Ghz for her to really pull away from the others, that being said, you need WC to do it. This thing runs a little hot on higher OC, but with a H100i, you can't go wrong.

BF4: 55-85FPS Ultra
BF3: 65-90FPS Ultra
Crysis 3: 70-110FPS Ultra

I look forward to the Newer games coming out, this thing will push them just fine.

If you looking for a good Gamer CPU, get this. If you want to beat and tie with World Records, might wanna get a 4960X, but that's $1,000's of hard earned money.

5/5 Stars from me. thumb.gif


Pros: 8 cores, 4ghz stock clock, not Intel.

Cons: cost?

Went from a 955BE@3.8 to a 1090T@4ghz to this 8350@stock in pretty quick order as things happened to work out.
The 955 I ran for several years. They were all fine CPU's for light gaming and any other use heavy or light.
The 1090T was a fair upgrade over the 955 gaining two cores and cooler operation. The cores only
help in software smart enough to use it, and having them there to assign to virtual machines that I use a lot.
The leap to the 8350 was less dramatic, but still worth it considering I sold the 1090T, quickly I might add, for
half of what I paid for the 8350.

At $100 the 8350 was a steal, at $200 I would have been OK with it but a bit less of a deal. I'm sure prices will drop again shortly.

it's a fine CPU, but honestly, we seem to have reached a point that unless one is gaming or really doing a specific task that will USE either
multiple threads or even the ability of a 4ghz CPU, they are all "fast". My 4 core 955 was every bit the CPU this one is in daily use, and the 8350
spends most of it's time loafing along, not really trying very hard. I can't imagine I'll upgrade until programers get there act together and
figure out how to utilize the power we have available now. I went through this fifteen years ago with dual CPU's on my home computer, eventually
software caught up. Intel fairs better gaming, but I believe this is more due to crappy coding than inferior CPU's. Yes the Intel chip processes
what a given game needs faster to make up for the code deficiency, but there are other, just as attractive and heavy games that run perfectly fine on an AMD chip. At much reduced cost.
While it does not alter the situation, it's not the chips fault exactly, and I personally will not reward sloppy coding buy buying an Intel chip just for those games.
Everything else even a "power user" is likely to do, this, and the 6 core before it at 4ghz, does perfectly fine.
This is further evidenced by the fact that a four year old six core chip, the 1090T I had and sold, is in such demand and brings such a
good price so easily still.

My final thought was after two or three years pretty much out of the loop while running my 955, I was very pleased to learn that the new 8 core chips were STILL AM3 socket!
Intel would die before they didn't force one to change board and socket for that much of a change. Or just for the hell of it to extract money from you.
I was a real fan of the Pentium Pro, and ran slot 2 Xeons and P2/3's and Tualatin years ago, but from the netburst crap onward Intel has really rubbed me the wrong way.
So AMD gets my money, and I'm not suffering from it in the least.


Pros: 4.0Ghz clock, very fast, easy installation

Cons: Stock heatsink is junk, runs hot

Hello, I am currently using the FX-8350 Processor from AMD Overclocked to 4.7Ghz. It is a great processor and has done its job well over the past 5 months of use. It is very easy to overclock and runs very stable under the correct voltages. But the is a downside, this processor runs VERY HOT if you do not have an adequate cooler on it. For my opinion you need at least a cheap EVO 212 cooler for this if you want to attempt SLIGHT overclocks. At the overclock I'm running stably now I have an H100I by Corsair, and with it my max temps under load are 48*C. Also keep in mind when overclocking this CPU the max rated temps for sustainable use is 63*C on the cores and 70*C on the socket. Overall it has been a great CPU for me and I highly recommend it to anyone.


Pros: Very fast. It's the cat's meow until the steamroller comes out. Easy to heavy overclock if you have a good cooling solution.

Cons: Not a one yet.

It's simple, if you are an AMD fan then buy this. $179.95 I felt like I was stealing. Thanks New Egg.Beats a 3570k at $50 more and try to find a ROG board for that 3570k with out losing and arm and a leg.


Pros: Price, Performance

Cons: Overclockability, doesn't make me toast

I bought this from my local microcenter to replace my unlocked x3 720 that I had for about 4 years. Noticed a jump in frame rates in games, the system overall is snappier, boinc is doing more ppd, couldn't be happier. At this price point, you can't beat the performance you get. The only thing I'm not 100% happy about is that I can't really get past 4.7Ghz stable, but that is probably because of my cooling and the luck of the draw I got with the chip.


Pros: Multi-tasking for gods , media creation is as good if not better than the i7 3770k, which costs a chunk of change more. Newer games run great!

Cons: Older games and most Emulators don't utilize the full power of this processor, although single core performance beats out Nehalem. Power usage.

With single core performance finally at an adequate level, the modular architecture AMD introduced with the shameful Bulldozer line, has begun proving itself a powerful adversary for Intel's Ivy bridge line of processors.

the 8350 is a very capable processor, it is excellent at multi-tasking for the user who just can't have enough programs open at once, and still want to play all the newest games at maximum settings with great results.

When Quad-core CPUs were just coming out, I remember Nay-Sayers speaking of the dual-core as the ultimate gaming platform. And just like back then, they will eventually be proven wrong.

When a program utilizes all 8 cores, and 4 modules of this chip, it competes easily with any intel processor in the sub 550$ (3930k) range.

Power usage is a bit high, but it's nowhere near as high as many will have you believe. (the same as a 45nm intel quad-cores)

I would recommend this processor to anyone doing the following:

  1. Virtual Machines
  2. Multitasking freak
  3. Excessive browser-tab openers
  4. Video Rendering
  5. Audio Creation
  6. File Compression/Decompression
  7. Certain simulations
  8. Gaming

I would only avoid this processor for 2 reasons:

  1. You (for some crazy reason) have a garbage powersupply
  2. If you use Dolphin Emulator and want it to run without configuring stuff

The pricepoint easily beats out the competition from Intel, unless you want to drop the money for the 3930k, this is the best solution for most people.
AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor 4.0GHz Socket AM3+ FD8350FRHKBOX

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