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AMD Phenom II X4 960T Processor, Black Edition, 3.0 4 Socket AM3 - HD96ZTWFGRBOX Reviews


Couldn't ask for more for the price


Pros: Easy and stable to overclock, Very responsive and fast

Cons: potential board compatibility issues

To start with, the only con I've been able to find is that some users found their board unable to run the 960T without a BIOS update. Just because a board supports the hex-core Thubans out of the box doesn't necessarily mean it will the 960T. Do a little research or just update your BIOS before building with a 960T. My ASRock 970 Extreme3 worked great out of the box. That said, this processor is amazing for the price. Overclocked to 4Ghz stable at 1.38v and scored 5100 on Passmark. By comparison, the identically priced i3-2100 scores 3864 and can't be overclocked. Running all my games (including Skyrim and SWTOR) while multitasking without a hitch. Using a Radeon HD 6850 and I'm quite...
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Best price performance CPU


Pros: 95W / 71'C of max temp / Better IMC

Cons: Some times it cannot unlocks (yes i know it's not guarantee)

Phenom II x4 960T is one of the best CPU's comparing price performance. He can be unlocked but it's not guarantee. Without unlock you can achieve 4GHz or more with lower voltages and lower heat issues. Also 960T has 71'C of max temp. That means you can go over 65'C till 68'C without an issue. I personally recommend you that CPU if you have 4+1 mobo and you want to achieve higher clocks.

The end of a great line


Pros: Easy OC, possible X6

Cons: None really

Working on almost a year of this little Gem, I've been debating on upgrading it but I keep coming back to the realization that there is nothing wrong with it and I keep thinking about a impulse upgrade, this along with the bigger brothers 1090T/1100T are probably the last of a great series of chips from AMD. The current FX line is still young and will hopefully mature over the years as the Phenom IIs did. This thing overclocks with such ease and stays remarkably cool. It takes very little effort to bring it right up to 4ghz and still have a vcore under 1.40, probably still has a little headroom in it after 4.0 but I dont think the risk reward would be worth it. I would probably still buy...
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Fun CPU to OC and tune


Pros: Great OC headroom as X4 (for an AMD), potential to unlock to X6

Cons: Rare, as X6 at 4.0 barely keeps up with stock 3570K, sucks power

Background: I picked this chip up because I knew its potential and Microcenter happened to have one for $89. If you enjoy overclocking AMDs, you'll like this CPU and I honestly had fun working with it. Overclocking: On a M4A79XTD Evo I was able to unlock to an X6 and get it stable at 4.0 at only 1.42VCore (BIOS) as a 24/7 daily-use OC with CnQ enabled. Heat is an issue and I had to put a fan on my VRMs and move to an H100 to avoid throttling under full load. At 1.5VCore, this CPU was Windows stable (no stress testing done) at 4.5 as an X4 or 4.4 as an X6. Pretty impressive for Phenom II. I was happy with 4.0 as X6 and did not do any stress testing past that, but this chip has alot...
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Phenom IIs swansong

This is the last and IMHO greatest of the Phenom II Quads. The fact that it might unlock is one reason. MUCH lower power use is another big plus. Had mine running at 4.0 at what would be stock voltages for it's Deneb kin. And because it's a Thuban, you can run 4 DIMMs at 1600. I'm not a computer expert. All I know is that this is the best CPU I've ever owned. Mine unlocked by the way. The 960T can still be found, at the date this post was made, at OutletPC.com in a combo with MoBo.

AMD Phenom II X4 960T BE user review


Pros: cheap, powerful, potential to unlock to hex

Cons: none, except if I wanted another one ;)

This chip has treated me well since purchase. Paired with a good mobo capable of unlocking it there is no beating the bang for the buck. Even as a quad it's more then enough for a budget build. I do lots of gaming on this chip and has never given me much of an issue unless gaming on high graphics settings and streaming or recording. I have compressed up to 5 separate BF3 clips at the same time running the CPU up to 93% usage, I was surprised and satisfied Great CPU, would suggest to anyone (an equivalent one at this point)



Pros: cheap

Cons: extinct

these are my two favorite settings . . . Summer . . . Winter . . . me no like 50C. edit: i ran it for about 10 mins (as per request) . . . moved it . . . more than 12C difference between cpu and cores.



Pros: Unlocks,fast,OC's well

Cons: Didn't become a 6core

Pros Unlocked so its a x5! I overclocked to 3.8 with no problem and will continue overclocking when i have time. A nice upgrade from an athlon II x4 630 Cons Only con i can think of is that it didn't unlock to a 6core but their locked for a reason so i can't really deduct a star cause of that.

Price/performance leader


Pros: low tdp, thuban imc, high unlock rate

Cons: paperweight stock cooler

This was a Christmas gift and so far has been a great upgrade from my Athlon2 X3 450. Much more oc headroom and the unlocked multiplier is practically cheating. I currently have mine at 4122mhz @ 1.35v, and it tops out at 41C under load (240 rad, ek block, fans at idle). Highly recommended to anyone interested in a higher end AMD rig, even over the FX series.

Great bang for the buck!


Pros: Fast, lower TDP, easy to overclock, possibly unlock two extra cores

Cons: Not as fast as a Sandy Bridge at equivalent clock speed

I've been using an Intel C2D rig up to now and was originally planning on going with a SB build. I'm on a budget so it was either an AMD build or an i3-2100 build. The i3-2100 is a serious performer and anyone who has done any research knows this. Around when I was looking to order parts, Newegg was having a sale on this CPU and motherboards so I jumped on the deal and got the CPU/mobo for extremely cheap. The only downside between this processor and the i3-2100 is that you will have to OC this to about 3.7-3.8ghz to have equivalent core-for-core performance in gaming, but that's really not difficult with this processor and a half-decent motherboard. (
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