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AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor (HDT55TFBGRBOX)

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: 6 cores, good multitasking, feels the same as my i5 3570k

Cons: Slightly higher power consumption compared to the modern 6 core fx6300(95w) although this 1055t does have a 95w version if you can find it

I can see why these Phenom x6 all still go for high prices online and why people cherish them so much. I posted my findings in the AMD cpu forum and got berated unfairly by an intel user even though I've said many times I already have owned an i5 3570k pc for 2 years now, but, in real world usage, it's pretty much as good as my much more expensive i5/z77 mobo combo at less than a third of the cost. In BF4 multiplayer 64 player conquest at 3.5ghz, with an hd7870ghz edition on all ultra (no msaa) 1080p, it stayed in the high 40s-60 (capped) FPS range. I think for the price, that's amazing. And I like this PC so much I'm seriously thinking about making a profit and selling my i5 3570k/hd 7950 pc. I have no intention of ever going above 1080p, nor 60fps, so I should be good for a long time with this cpu.

I'm not interested at all in MMO or RTS where the higher single thread performance of the Intel would matter. The more modern fx6300 would be a sidegrade and I'm not sure in real world usage if the 8 core fx 8320 would be much of an improvement.

I've summarized the majority of my big long "findings" topic I've made. In short, for the money, AMD is amazing for the performance, and if you're not into MMO or RTS super tryhard (they'll still be playable) then I highly suggest getting a 1055t and having fun overclocking it. Until I get a better CPU cooler for it or a better motherboard, I'm keeping it at 3.5ghz. You can save ALOT of money compared to how high people are still selling the 1090t/1100t online for by just getting a 1055t and overclocking it. It was even respectable at stock, but OC'ing it to 3.5ghz raised the minimums in BF4 multiplayer alot, from 31 at the very worst (only happened once, the average lows were in the mid-high 30s) to high 40s at 3.5ghz.

I wish more sites/reviews would discuss the performance of CPUs in BF4 multiplayer....tbh the story in most FPS are throwaway, I only get them to kill people online lol.

In Arma 3 Breaking Point zombie mod, in cities it stayed at a constant 30fps on high 1080p, and I can't fault it at all, Arma/Day Z is widely known to not even be optimized for AMD, and my i5 even gets low FPS in cities too. In the wild, it stayed between 45-60fps and felt smooth. At 30fps in the city it felt smooth and was very playable. Arma 3 isn't a twitch shooter and IMO it doesn't need super high FPS to be enjoyable.

I built this AMD pc with my expectations very low due to all the bad mouthing the elitists do of AMD online, and, I was totally blown away by how good it is for the price. In real world usage I can't tell much of a difference between it and my i5. Yes it would likely do bad in huge WoW raids but I'm not into that game at all, I don't believe in paying a subscription just to play a game...

I'm thinking of eventually getting an SSD to put the OS on, then I imagine it would be even more snappy. As-is, it sits on an older 7200rpm Hitachi 400gb with only 60mb/s read/write which is noisy like the old tape computers in the Alien 1979 movie or the Alien Isolation game lol.

specs: Phenom II x6 1055t 3.5ghz, AM3 MSI E51 760g mobo, XFX HD7870ghz, 8gb G.Skill (original) Sniper 1333mhz 9-9-9-24 timings, CM HAF XM case, Corsair HX750w gold fully modular psu taken from my i5 3570k build, Hitachi 400gb 7200rpm hdd, g400 mouse, Asus 1080p 2ms monitor

in short, this CPU is still very good and smooth and AMD is good enough to game on contrary to all the elitists online. I could have saved alot of money by going AMD instead of spending more on Intel when for my needs, I didn't need to. thumb.gif I highly recommend this CPU.


Pros: 24/7 stable at 3.9 Ghz

Cons: locked multiplier

I have had this processor running BOINC at 100% CPU 24/7 at stock speed with a stock fan for years. A couple of months ago I O/Ced to 3.2 Ghz and the temps were a little high, so I got a $40 water cooler. With water cooling you can overvolt this CPU with no worries about temperature. The highest I have got it to run is 4.1 but it is not 24/7 stable at that speed at any configuration I have come up with so far. At 3.9 it is totally stable without too much overvolting (1.43 actual under load achieved with LLC)


Pros: Reasonably priced, good for video rendering, great overclocker

Cons: As of Q4 2012 it is kind of outdated and there may be better options out there, price wise.

Bought this cpu when the amd 6 core cpu's were being first released. Have it paired with a Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H, Arctic freezer X-treme cpu cooler, and Antec 1200 case. Stock voltage is 2.8Ghz and it is 3.3Ghz with turbo. At the moment I have it running at 3.5Ghz non-turbo fixed speed, at stock voltage. I have overclocked it to 4Ghz pretty effortlessly by increasing voltage, 3.5 is the max you can go with stock voltage you see. Runs very cool, ambient temp 30c, and at 4ghz prime95 full load it peaks at about 50-55 degrees. Have it clocked at 3.5Ghz 24/7 because it is the highest I can go with stock voltage. I don't need the extra performance since it still runs very fast and maxes out all games out there.

I used it for gaming, heavy video rendering in sony vegas, running multiple virtual machines, and hosting game servers for LAN's. Needless to say it does all of that perfectly well with its 6-core architecture and then some. When eventually it runs into performance issues in the future there's always the option to overclock the snot out of it.

Overall, runs cool, good for pretty much everything you throw at it however if you are building a new rig right now a different cpu would be a different option, unless you happen to find this one at a discount price.


Pros: Overclocking, high core count

Cons: Not very powerful for clockspeed/core count

The 1055T is capable of very high overclocks. It starts at a stock 2.8GHz but most are capable of overclocking to 4GHz+ stable. While it's a good and cheap chip for overclocking, it's not very comparable to Intel's offerings.


Pros: Overclocks like a champ and stays very cool even with stock cooling.

Cons: None.

Bought one of these as part of a full rig upgrade which also included a new motherboard and new RAM. I was able to easily overclock it to 3.5GHz on stock cooling and at stock voltage. Not much to really say about this processor. It works great and does everything I need it to without any problems. Would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a hexa-core processor at a reasonable price.


Pros: cheap, great ocer, 6cores

Cons: none really

Ive had this since it was first released all that long while ago. Loved having the new toy out. It oc pretty good with stock cooling (3.2ghz-1.4v) and kept cool. Ive had a Cooler Master V8 which cooled it to 11c and now have a Corsair H100 which cools it to mid teens and never gets above 43c-for anything. 24/7 OC 3.92ghz@1.42v Thing really eats encoding and CS5 and other than competing with Intels better models of the same age proc can post some really nice scores. I do notice that nowadays you really need over 5ghz to push the highest end gc inorder to post the hights benchmark scores and saddly it just cant offer that. My gc runs 1015 core rock solid but the 1055t holds it back from true greatness.
The card has no issues with anything i ask of it. I and multitask a ton of stuff and not be affected by severe slowdowns. Ive seen these cpu selling for under a hundered from time to time. If your looking for cheap and good this chip delivers.

**its asking me to tell your the purchase date. I through whatever in there as i cant recal the exact date. It was fresh after release.


Pros: 6 cores, nice little overclocker

Cons: locked multiplier

I was looking to build a new gaming rig. I have built rigs before but nothing like what I have now. I have owned both Intel and AMD. I chose AMD because I was turned off by the amount of heat Intel chips liked/produced. I also wasn't looking for the best thing on the market, felt the 6 core AMD was the right fit.

These chips are great with good aftermarket cooling, they like the cold, so air cooling or better is recommended (by me). With sock cooling I hit a 500mhz overclock with little voltage increase while staying comfortably under the thermal limit of these chips (60*c). With a aftermarket cooler, my Silver Arrow, I was able to get a 1.2ghz overclock to reach 4ghz (2.8ghz stock).

For stress testing I ran prime95 and LinX at the same time for 24 hours. This chip took that beating and stayed well with in thermal limits and kept on chugging. After settling my overclock I was folding bigadv units, normally reserved for 8 core/thread+ chips and getting the units in with in the deadline. (Want to know about folding? Check out the folding section of the forums for details, help find a cure)

The downside to these 1055t's is that the multiplier is locked, meaning they can, to some, be trickier to overclock. To overcloxk these chips, you use the front side bus (fsb) which also affects ram, hypertransport, and other items when adjusted. Cpu's with unlocked multipliers can use (for the most part, in basic terms) just voltage and the multiplier to overclock with. With multiplier overclocking, small tweaks to the fsb may still ne required to help stabilize the overclock.

All in all, this chip has handled a year of abuse, folding, gaming, and everyday use for over a year now and keeps on like it was brand new. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.


Pros: Overclocks as well as most other x6s

Cons: Locked multi means ideally you want to use DDR3-1600 and a mobo good for ref clock OC

The 1055T, in my experience, oevrclocks as well as most of the other Phenom II x6 processors, provided you have the proper hardware.


Remember, this is a locked multiplier processor, so ensure you have the proper equipment.  That is: a motherboard with good ref clock overclocking ability, and at least DDR3-1600 for your memory (to reach 4GHz, one ideally uses a 286-300Mhz bus clock at which you can use the x5.33 multiplier to set DDR3-1600 optimally).

My 1055T has reached 4GHz with 1.4V under a Noctua NH-D14 (better cooling can equal lower volts).  Results may vary; some are better, some are worse.  There is really no way to tell.


As always, make sure your motherboard supports the TDP of the 1055T you have (95W or 125W).

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor (HDT55TFBGRBOX)

There are two versions of the AMD Phenom II x6 1055T: HDT55TFBGRBOX is a 125W TDP processor. HDT55TFBK6DGR is a 95W TDP processor. The Phenom II x6 1055T is a socket AM3 hexa-core (6 cores) processor that runs at 2.8GHz with a locked multiplier, and has 6MB of L3 cache and 6x512kb of L2 cache.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureOffers 64 bit support
Hardware PlatformPC
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height4.5 inches
Length3 inches
Weight1.05 pounds
Width5 inches
List Price$196.70
Operating SystemWindows 7
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
TitleAMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor (HDT55TFBGRBOX)
Number Of Items1
WarrantyManufacturer Limited Warranty period: 3 years Link: http://support.amd.com/us/warranty/Pages/Processorinabox3YearLimited.aspx
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
HDT55TFBK6DGR - 95W 1055T
HDT55TFBGRBOX - 125W 1055T

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