Amped Wireless G16SW Review

A Review On: Amped Wireless Proseries 16-Port Gigabit Switch (G16SW)

Amped Wireless Proseries 16-Port Gigabit Switch (G16SW)

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Pros: Easy setup, 16 gigabit ports, Low power, Good performance

Cons: Price

Amped Wireless, known for their high-powered Wi-Fi products, has recently stepped into the switch market. They offer an 8 port, 16 port, and 8 port with POE model. They are all un-managed and should be great for home or small office use. I will be taking a look at the 16-port G16SW model.

Amped Wireless always has very informative boxes and this one is no exception. The device, like nearly every switch, is plug and play. The G16SW also features Amped Wireless's "Amped Green" power saving feature that is a low power mode that comes on in low traffic. The back shows a typical setup as well as more features. A switch like this would be mostly used for printers, computers, cameras, media devices, and additional access points. The features listed are mostly marketing fluff, but the switch does feature individual LEDs to help diagnose a dead connection and the ability to be rack mounted.

The side lists the package contents and requirements. If you don't know how to work a switch, you probably shouldn't buy one. The bottom lists tech specs.

Inside we find the switch, a power cable, rack mounting hardware, 4 rubber feet, and instructions. I like the fact that the device uses a standard power cable instead of a wall wart. Moving this circuitry inside allows for more compatibility.

The switch measures 8.5" x 5.24" x 1.5". The left side features a power LED and the 16 individual LEDs. These will come on when a link is established and data are being sent and can be used to help diagnose a bad connection. The right side features the 16 Ethernet ports. Each port features a link speed LED as well.

The back and bottom aren't too interesting. Since the switch is un-managed there is obviously no console port. All we find is a power plug. The bottom lists product info and is where the 4 rubber feet would be installed.

Here is the unit with rack mounting hardware installed. It would be great as a top-of-rack switch in a large home or small office situation.

There isn't too much to say about usability or setup. All you have to do is plug the power in and plug in your devices. There is no software to configure. It just works. It is something you can plug in and never have to worry about. In terms of performance, it isn’t too bad. Here are my test results. Testing a switch is pretty difficult without very expensive equipment but I think my methods ended up being good. For the file copy test I sent a large HD video file across the network to another computer; this tests raw throughput. For the latency test I used “hrping” to provide accurate results below 1ms. I took the average of about 50 pings. In reality these results are too close to mean anything significant in day to day use.

There isn’t really anything major that is wrong with the G16SW. It is a product that you can put in and forget about for a few years until it's time to upgrade. It gets the job done. At the time of publishing the switch retails for $100 which is on the upper end of 16 port switches so the final decision will come down to the buyer. Just know that picking up a G16SW is a fine choice and it will meet the needs of nearly every network.


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