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A Review On: Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches

Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches

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Pros: Too many to list here - It is brilliant

Cons: Minor niggles in the software, cable length, hidden anker colour customisable colour

A little introduction about me and my previous mouse:
I have owned and still own the Logitech MX revolution, which in my eyes is the best multimedia mouse out there in the market. For the last 2 years I've tried telling myself there could be another mouse out there - each time I've gone into a store and tried another mouse, my first reaction was "meh, nothing special" or "that razer mouse is way too expensive for what it offers".

The Anker mouse - Design:
The form factor is something I absolutely love. Very comfortable, and with the weights that you can adjust it can be customised to your liking.

This mouse can be customised, with up to 9 different keys - making it incredibly useful for any type of game. It also has a MACRO functionality that allows it to register your clicks and movements.
One of the main features of this mouse, and the eye candy behind it is the light colour on the anker logo - this can be changed to any colour of your preference, via the software provided.
The profile switching is also very useful with a button located at the bottom of the mouse, allowing you to switch between your two mouse profiles, very efficiently.

Accuracy and speed:
With an incredible 8000 DPI and 1000HZ polling rate, this mouse is one of the top dogs for precision. Although realistically I can't see anyone using it at 8000 DPI, and more like me at 2000 DPI, however the accuracy and response time of this mouse is outstanding. No lag, no input lag, no flaws, no jittery motion - in other words, it excels in doing what it is supposed to do.

The software is very good, and has no glitches. When you purchase the mouse it doesn't come with a CD, however it is downloadable online. Personally I prefer that as the latest drivers and softwares can always be found up-to-date online.

Now going into pros and cons:
It is very hard to find any problems with this mouse, as it is brilliant but if I have to be extremely picky, I can name a few.

-Weight customisable
-Light customisable
-9 Buttons to customise
-Form factor and design
-Grip on the left side by the thumb
-Excellent software
-Macro capabilities
-Great customer service by Anker & LaptopMate

-Anker logo colour switch is hidden when in you, as you hand covers it - thus it would have been nice to be able to customise either/or the DPI switch and scroll wheel colours too.
-Profile switch is located at the bottom - realistically I much prefer this, however I know some might prefer it to be more accessible at the top of the mouse
-When saving and applying changes on the software, it magically changes the DPI level on profile 1, but not profile 2
-When saving and applying changes on the software, it magically changes the scrolling lines within Windows to level 8
-Overall cable length (could be an extra 0.5m longer)

This mouse is outstanding, not only for the value of £25-30 (as I would gladly pay £50 for this mouse), but also for its functionalities and other capabilities.
It has now replaced my MX revolution as my main mouse. I absolutely love it, and NEVER would have thought a mouse could have swayed me off my beautiful MX, but this Anker did just that. Top marks to Anker 10/10, I would happily recommend this to anyone looking for a mouse, not only gamers but multimedia users like myself that occasionally game.

Here's my video review of it:

Here's my UPDATE video review of the NEW 8200DPI version:

Pictures of the mouse:


Great review, I bought this mouse because of your recommendation. One quick note, you can turn off the light for their Anker logo with different profiles. I like that feature a lot. I thought the mouse a bit heavy for my taste even with no weights and it's a bit bigger then I would like, however I came from a small mouse, the Razer Abyssus. I still love this mouse, and it's by the far best mouse I have bought for it's extremely low price.
Glad you like it in the end !
That's why I chose, in the review, to put dimensions + comparisons to the MX revolution (which has near enough the same form factor as the MX performance, which you can demo pretty much anywhere)

As for the colours, indeed, in my video I think I mentioned that, but that's a good point nevertheless
Nice review man, one of the only ones I could find online and this mouse is awesome.
GF got me this mouse based on your review. The video was great and Im really happy with the mouse. Keep up the good work m8.
You GF definitely has good taste in gifts!
Glad you are enjoying the mouse as much as I am.
Have a great Valentine's day together
I too have purchased this mouse based on this review. I'm super excited to get this puppy in the mail TOMORROW. (I ordered it today). Good timing, it's the last 2 days of my Amazon Prime trial, so for a whopping $43 with one-day shipping, I ordered this puppy. Excellent deal.

Your review was extremely detailed, well structured, professional, and a breath of fresh air from some reviewers who seem like they're reading off a piece of paper for 10 minutes.

Not only that, but I subscribed to your YouTube channel because of your excellent video as well! So thanks mate, I'm super excited to try this puppy out tomorrow, and will let you know my thoughts on it .

Just as a side note, I'm coming from a Razer Mamba first generation, and I definitely regret purchasing this overpriced piece of junk. I've been sticking with it for a long time now, but it's getting super annoying to use. It does random double clicks on it's own, including when I'm trying to 'drag', therefore cancelling the 'dragging'. Not only that but my mouse wheel makes an extremely high pitched squeak even with a very slight slow scroll.

Anyway sorry about this little wall of a comment, but thanks again man. I'll let you know how it turns out, this looks like a perfect fit for me.
Hey man!

First of all, thanks a lot for the kind comments - I definitely try to be as constructive and useful as possible. I always try to write a review based on what I would want to read when I was buying a product - be it negative or positive factors. Often there are overlooked factors that people don't tend to think is important, but I find very crucial.

Do let me know over here, when you get it, have tested it and compared it
I'm 100% sure you'll love it !