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A Review On: Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches

Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches

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Pros: Price, Delivery time from Amazon, 9 fully programmable buttons, Changeable colour schemes, Very ergonomic shape (right-handed users only)

Cons: Flimsy and cheap thumb buttons, Only 2 profiles can be saved on the mouse, Software really needs working on!

I am not a pro, so read this short review with a pinch of salt...
I was very optimistic when I ordered this mouse as a replacement for my CM Storm Sentinel Advance II. You probably ask why to replace my old mouse? The answer is simple CM Storm I am using right now is just way too big for my hand. As a heavy Battlefield 3 player I needed something which could give me edge over my opponents and this mouse was very promising...

Price and delivery:
Lets start from the beginning, the price... This mouse is just £25.99 delivered! How did they manage to do that I do not know, but for a mouse with state of the art Avago 9800 sensor is extremely good!

The packaging is good, a bit too glossy for me with a mouse on the top and something which looks a bit like a storm with blue lightnings. Inside you only find a mouse secured in a plastic packaging and some leaflets, which I have to admit I could not be asked to read, but there is no CD with drivers, so to release full potential of this mouse you need to go to iAnker website and download the software with the drivers. Not including the CD is actually a very good idea, as I cannot remember to use CD drivers last time as they are normally out of date.

A closer look:
The mouse itself has got braided cable and golden plated USB plug. It is relatively big being 127mm long, 70mm wide and 40mm tall, but still much smaller if you compare it to my CM Storm Sentinel II. It has a very ergonomic shape, very similar to Logitech G500 and it is profiled for right-handed people. It has got a very nice deep groove for your thumb which is rubberised. The material it is built from does not feel cheap except the thumb buttons, to which I will come back later. It has 9 fully programmable buttons (that included a clickable scroll), iAnker logo, which colour you can customise from the pallet of 16M colours, sensitivity indicator and blue glowing scroll. It has also got a weight system, which is very precise and consists 8 small weights, so you can really customise the weight of the mouse. I personally put them all in as like my mice heavy.

Software and drivers:
Software needs a bit of work. The icon of the mouse has not been cut out properly so it does not look good on your desktop. It has got only a few tabs with 2 profiles, that is unfortunately the maximum the mouse can store at a time, the rest of them need to be saved in a file on your PC, which I have found a bit annoying, as I like having a few different game profiles on the mouse, so I could change them on the fly… The most annoying thing I have found in the software was the inability to program simple keyboard key presses to mouse buttons. Let say you want “X” key under your middle thumb button on the mouse, you need to program a macro to get that working!

Gaming Experience:
Once I managed to create all macros for the buttons I wanted to use in the game I started playing. I was really positively surprised, the gaming experience was really good, straight after swapping the mouse I managed to get to the top of the leaderboard in my team playing BF3 Noshar Canals 8 vs 8 Team Deathmatch! The aiming was very precise, I used all the weights the mouse came with, so it sat tight on my mousepad, there was no jitter when I was spinning around, so I just kept killing all the enemies coming at me with no problems whatsoever. There is however one but, the thumb buttons I mentioned earlier, they are very flimsy, sticking out too much, feel very cheap, the click noise they make is horrible and the worst I kept pressing them all the time, when lifting the mouse! It is especially annoying, if you program something like medkit on one of them and instead of killing the opponent you accidentally throw him a medkit!?

Conclusion and the bottom line:
Saying: “You get what you paid for” is not valid with this product at all, you definitely get much more than you paid for. This mouse fits perfectly into the market gap with the best performance vs price ratio you can imagine! If iAnker addresses all the problems I have mentioned here in their next mouse revision I definitely give it a go again, I would even pay another £10 extra to have better software and smaller, better quality thumb buttons. At the moment I will keep using my CM Storm Sentinel Advance II until Corsair Vengeance M65 arrives smile.gif

- price
- delivery time from Amazon
- 9 fully programmable buttons
- changeable colour schemes
- very ergonomic shape (right-handed users only)
- Avago 9800 sensor
- weight system

- flimsy and cheap thumb buttons
- only 2 profiles can be saved on the mouse
- software really needs working on!

Thanks for reading chrisf4lc0n smile.gif


Great Review, thanks.