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Antec Kühler H2O 620 Liquid Cooling System

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Water Cooling


Pros: Cooling, noise levels, ease of installation for first time

Cons: Maybe second or later ease of reinstallation

I got this from my friend after he used it for a couple of months in the build I made him. He originally got it for $50 at Microcenter which was a fantastic deal. I used this as an upgrade from my 212+ as my temps were 70-80s under normal load on my 2500k. WIth this cooler, even used, it's an excellent cooler. My load temps dropped 20-30 degrees under load which is phenomenal. Even at 5GHz, my temps only go to mid 80's under extended prime95.

The only real problems I had was that there are only four screws for one fan, but you can use two on each fan diagonally for push pull, and installing it for a second time, removing backplate is a pain in the butt and such, as the backplate is attached with a couple of sticky pads.


Pros: Small size, highly efficient, very easy to install, inexpensive water-cooling option

Cons: Smaller rad, no 4 pin fan included

I bought this on sale at a local computer shop for $35 CAD, and I have been able to push my AMD Phenom II from 3.2 to 4.0GHz with stock voltages and very minimal heat with the included fan plus the 4-pin Molex fan (same size) that came with my case (only one fan is included, but your case should come with at least one fan that you can use in conjunction..
This thing is amazing, and I haven't had any issues whatsoever with it.
The Antec Kuhler H2O 620 is better than most air coolers, with a fraction of the required space. If you can afford it I would definitely get the 920 simply for the usb monitoring, and larger rad. However, if you can find this on sale I highly recommend picking one up.


Pros: Size

Cons: Oc abillity

I purchased this as my first water cooling unit and i have to say it has been great and reliable i have had no issues and have been able to overclock my cpu to its max settings with no heat issues. As it is only a single rad unit it makes it easy to fit in almost any case that you may have. It has a smal cpu heat sink which makes lots of breathing room in your case for air flow for other parts. I have to give this item a full 5 star on this it is small and powerful for cooling your system under full load i am able to keep the cpu at under 60 all night long in prime 95 but they key to this system is the fan setup in your case and making sure that the air intake matches the air out take and you will find that this water cooling system will work for you. So in conclusion with the right setup this water cooling system will work great for you enjoy and game on thumb.gif


Pros: Self contained pre-assembled water loop

Cons: Self contained pre-assembled water loop, Loud fan

This is a solid entry level cooler made by Asetek and distributed by Antec. The Phenom rig I have it on is now one year old, and is overclocked to 3.5Ghz (I didn't bother trying for a higher overclock given that the Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 mainboard in my rig doesn't have a heat sink on the VRM - a mobo not exactly designed with overclocking in mind).

As this water cooling product is a self contained pre-assembled water loop, it is dead easy to deploy. Simply find a suitable mounting point in the case for the rad and install the rad, install the included heat sink mount on the motherboard, install the motherboard, install the cooler, and hook up the wiring. Nice! But this ease is also it's archiles heal since one can't cool anything more then the CPU with it (**that is not with out modifications).

The biggest issue with this setup is the Antec fan it comes with - it's simply waaaay too loud given it's 120mm size. There is lot's of quieter fans out there, and I very highly recommend dumping the Antec fan for another fan. I opted to install a Noctua NF-P12 fan on the rad in a pull confuration. The Noctua fan is much quiter, and I did not see temperature differance when I made that switch. I still can't get over how loud the stock fan is, nor can I belvie that Antec is trying to pass this off as a low noise product. While overclocking and silent PC's is extremely hard to achive, I do like my PC's to be as close to dead silent as I can get 'em - that simply cannot happen with the stock fan in the Kulher's H2O 620 kit.

After some experiments, I opted not to have the fan connected to the pump's fan conector and hook the pump to the 12V side of a molex plug with an adapter. The fan on the rad is hooked up to the CPU cooler header on the mobo with a Y-adapter and a 2nd case fan. The result is that the CPU temps rise a little slower when going from idle to full power, while the fan speed is till controlled by the mobo. But don't worry if you don't want to run all that extra wireing - hooking the pump up to the CPU fan header on the mobo and then hooking up the fan to the cooler still produces excellent noise and temperature control.

I am very pleased with this "Kulher" as it does a very good job keeping my CPU temps way down. The only major flaw with this setup is the horribly loud fan it comes with, and that is easily fixable.


Pros: Easy to install, silent with proper tuning, no stress/tension to mobo

Cons: Fan noisy when on full blast, computer case started to resonate after installing this 0_o

I bought these excellent coolers for my new build. I installed the first one on my i5 3570K and silenced the fan. Then I ran Prime95 and the temps didn't go over 58 degrees Celsius...and it was very quiet.

I will install the other one on my GTX 560 Ti when dwood's bracket arrives smile.gif I'm expecting nice silence even when gaming smile.gif



Pros: Helped improve aesthetics and airflow in my case

Cons: No real cons

I purchased this on sale for 49.99 CAD at NCIX.ca
I wanted to eliminate the big bulky air cooler from my case and get my first touches of water cooling. These all in one coolers aren't really much more to deal with then a big air cooler though. I found it easier because the big air coolers get in the way during installation. However now I just want a custom loop thumb.gif
I was not overall happy with temps and performance at first, so I added a second fan and shortly after reapplied the TIM to the stuff that came with my CM Hyper 212. I am more then happy now smile.gif

Overall, the Antec Kuhler 620 does it's job, looks great and all for a decent price when on sale! Great buy.


Pros: Good cooling, space saving

Cons: Included fan is a bit noisy

Picked this up at MicroCenter for $50. As is, it achieved pretty good temps, especially when under load on an 8120, temps won't go over 53c. Definitely great if you're trying to clean up your interior, saved me a ton of space and opened plenty of real estate for things like tall ram heatsinks.

Complaints are the fan. Pretty loud, unless you have a fan controller and drop that thing down to 900 rpm. Decided to switch it out for 2x Scythe Typhoons push/pull. Ultra quiet now and pushes a ton more air through the rad and out the case. The thermal compound is in no way the best, but it's fine. Swapped it out for Arctic Silver compound and saw maybe 3c drop average.


Pros: Great price, great performance, low profile

Cons: None

I purchased this cooler to replace a Corsair H50 for my LAN rig in my Sugo SG05 case meaning I need low profile, and high flow. This is exactly it. This water cooler is a great entry point for people to try watercoolers. Temps compared to my H50 were a few degrees cooler, but it was much quieter which i appreciated in my LAN rig.

The big thing for me with this cooler was the low profile pump. I needed the space for my LAN rig and it definitly fit the bill.

Again, if you want to dip your feet into watercooling without going into a full loop, try this out. you wont be dissapointed.
Antec Kühler H2O 620 Liquid Cooling System

Antec Kuhler H20 620 Liquid Cooling System

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureLastest generation copper cold plate for optimal conduction
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Height5.94 inches
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TitleAntec Kühler H2O 620 Liquid Cooling System
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