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Antec Mercury 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler


Pros: Simple to setup and keeps the CPU very cool.

Cons: The tubing could be better..

I bought this AIO around 3 months ago as I needed a change from a 280mm Corsair AIO. The Antec had just come on the market and at the price which was very low, under a 100 bucks UK, I decided to go for it.

The setup and instalation was very simple much like the Corsair with a back plate, 4 spring loaded screws and that was pretty much it. The CPU Pump has a power cable that gets power from a Sata power plug and one to the CPU pump fan header. That was it.

The radiator was pretty much the same as other radiators that I have had from Corsair but the only difference was this was a 360mm radiator. The Antec Mercury comes with 3 120mm fans that have blue LED's with around a 73 CFM in terms of airflow.

Once installed, the Pump lights up blue and pulsates. It does change colour as the temps increase. The colours did not change on mine as the temps increased, so I asked Antec about this and they said the following: if the CPU core temperature is 65 degrees, the CPU surface temperature is about 55 degrees, the cooling water and CPU temperature is about 20-25 degrees lower, so it doesn't reach the heat temperature of change colour, ( our design has installed the thermistor inside the head of water cooling ). I then checked and it worked as Antec said...So no problems here and as importantly, it would have got annoying had the temps changed at around 40 degrees. The pump has a 3 phase motor and runs at a max rate of 3100 RPM's. I cannot hear the pump running which is great as it is near silent.

The fans were good but I had a set of Corsair HD 120 RGB fans which I attached instead of the Antec fans...I know, I know, I have gone all RGB mad..help me!!!

In the most important area of cooling, the Antec has surprised me. The CPU at idle, which is a i7-6700K overclocked to 4.4Gz on all cores runs at a super cool 18 to 20 degrees (I live in the UK)..At full speed on all cores in Prime95/Aida64 and Intel Burn the CPU never goes above 65 Degrees, again this is a great temp, I have further overclocked to 4.5Ghz and still the temps at full load do not go over 70 degrees.

One area that can and should be improved are the tubes. The tubes are fairly rigid due to the anti kink measure and they should have been sleaved for a better look...Hopefully they will do that on the next version...For the price though, I can't complain. Exceptionally good AIO..

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Antec Mercury 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler

The Merucry series of AIO CPU Coolers have been engineered to keep your CPU cool for over 50,000 hours. The CPU block and pump head is built wiht a temperature indicating LED light, so you can quickly glace through your PC side window and get a easy to see visible indication of your CPU temperature.

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