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Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window

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Pros: Tall case, can fit many components. Clear side panel.

Cons: Bad Cable managemet, drive bays placed making cablemanagement harder. Not tooless.

Overall a pretty cool case. I'm not very good at cable management, but this case has made it harder for me to manage the cables. Can be hard to clean with dust filters on. Generally okay.


Pros: Good looking, Steel, Good Airflow, Big Case, Adjustable Fan Settings, Dust Filters

Cons: A Bit Noisy, Some of it is made of plastic (External)

Before we start, I would like to say that this is my first review so I might make a few mistakes rolleyes.gif That being said, lets get on to the review!

Design: The 1200 v3 is a very beautiful case. Its aggressive looking design in that gorgeous black makes it look very attractive. You will certainly love the looks of this case. However, looks aren't all, what about the inside you say? Well to start it off, the inside is made of pretty nice steel. Also, it has good cable managment, you can put your wires through the back of the case and then connect it to whatever using other holes closer to the part. This makes for good airflow and a cleaner looking system.

Airflow Performance: The Antec 1200 v3 has six 120mm fans and one big 250mm "Big Boy" fan. This makes for great airflow in the case. Also the cable management makes it even better. With my 6970 OC'd to 975/1475, it usually stays at 44c idle and 68c load.] Airflow is definitely not an issue with this case.

Sturdiness: This case is a pretty strong and heavy case. Its made of steel on the inside and on the outside there is some plastic on the top and the sides of the front. The plastic doesn't feel cheap though, its ok. All-in-all, this is a nice sturdy case.

Cons: The cons of this case are very minor. At the maximum fan settings it can get a bit noisy. At the lowest it still makes a little noise but it much quieter IMO. Another con is that a little portion of the case externally is made out of plastic, but this isn't cheap plastic. These cons are really just minor and me being picky.

Final Thoughts: This case is amazing! The airflow is nice, wire management is a plus, and it is pretty sturdy! I give this case a 9/10 and consider it worth the price ($159 as of time the review was posted)

Thank you for reading my first review I have made, I hope to review more stuff later on!


Pros: Plenty of room, Cool, Looks Great

Cons: Can Get A Bit Bright and Noisy, but not really a con for me.

I have had this case for quite a long time, I haven't needed to upgrade since it's such a nice versatile case. I have watercooled in it also and there was always plenty of room for everything. I love the led's on all the fans and the option to turn the top led off is nice too because that can get a bit bright. Overall this is the best case I have ever owned.


Pros: Decent amount of real estate, support for more than nine hard drives, six included fans.

Cons: Air filters are diffucult to remove, poor much cable management space.

The Antec 1200 is a full tower air cooling oriented case from Antec. It is built very well from high quality materials and has plenty of space inside for your build. It supports more than nine hard drives out of the box, enough for anyone I'm sure. It does have little cable management space and has poor watercooling support.

Looking at the packaging we see a picture of the the front/top of the case against a dark background, 200mm fan shining away. USB3.0 and SSD support printing on the front of the box. On the side of the box we see another picture of the case on a different angle with bullet points showing key features that this case offers. On the back of the box we find more pictures of the case along with specifications in various different languages.

In the box we see the case packaged inside thick soft foam protecting it during transit. I like seeing soft foam as it holds up better to impact better than it's hard foam counterpart. There is a very informative case manual and opening the case we find the many accessories included with the case, including a 3.5" to 2.5" SSD bracket and various screws and standoffs. I prefer the different screws and standoffs to be packaged in their own plastic bags as it's easier to keep track of them.

For the aircooler, this is an excellent case. With six included fans five of which being 120mm and a single top 200mm out of the box it gets a very good stream of airflow to keep your components cool. The fans are high quality Antec tri-speed fans sporting bright blue LEDs, with only the top 200mm fan have control of the LED being turned on and off. I'd have liked to see all fans with LED control, as it can be overly bright in dark room.

There is almost no support for water cooling, both custom loops and closed loop coolers, these days that is a big disadvantage. However unlike alot of modern cases it is built extremely well out of strong quality material. It's basically a tank of a case. You can stuff nine hard drives out of the box into this thing making is great as a server case, the hard drives are mounted pointing towards the three front 120mm fans giving them ample cooling. The three hard drive bays containing three hard drive mounts each, are removable and must be removed to clean the dust filters in front of each fan. I found this troublesome as there are eight screws holding each bay inside of the case, making filter cleaning a time consuming task. There is a a single extra fan mount attached to one of the hard drive bays allowing for further internal cooling.

We can see seven expansion slots on the back of the case supporting regular size ATX motherboards. This case uses a bottom mounted power supply and has no fan cutout on the bottom of the case restricting it to be mounted right side up. I'd like to see a fan cutout so the power supply can be mounted upside down with access to fresh air from outside the case.
On the window side of the case we have another 120mm fan mount with removable fan filter. I'd prefer to have a complete side window over a partial window with fan mount.

Building a system in this case is quite easy. The hard drives do not use a screwless design which I don't mind as I like the idea of a securely mounted hard drive, being a fragile device.
There is ample space for mounting the power supply to the bottom of the case, though space on the rear of the motherboard is quite restricted making for difficult cable routing.
The top 200mm fan extends outside of the case, so there is no issue for tall motherboard vrm cooling clearance.

Using this case I noticed significantly lower processor and graphics card temperatures, along with the hard drives and vrms due to the fantastic air cooling capabilities of the case. Very cool, pun intended.

Overall I very much like this case. For aircooling it is in a league of it's own, but watercooling support leaves something to be desired. I like that the case is built from mostly steel with few parts of the case made of plastic, as this gives it a very solid feel. If you're an aircooler who needs a case with amazing airflow, and will not be using watercooling in the future, I'd recommend the Antec 1200.

Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window

With Power Supply: No Power Supply Mounted: Bottom With Side Panel Window: Yes External 5.25" Drive Bays: Default 3, up to 12 Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: Up to 9 Front Ports: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0, HD Audio In and Out Side Air duct: No Motherboard Compatibility: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX

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