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APEVIA X-Dreamer4 Series X Computer Case With Side Panel Window

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Pros: Many Case fans, Very Expandable, Exterior Digital Thermostat very nice, Windowed case provided more heatsink space

Cons: Power button sticks, Had to remove side 200mm Case fan to fit heatsink, front panel audio cords too short, no pci slot covers after inserts removed

Very great case for cost. I searched far and wide to find a case with all of these features within a reasonable price range for my mid tower build. This was by far the best bang for buck. Comes with all fans included which saved on money as the fans were actually decent and aren't very loud at all (never tested 200mm side panel fan).

The 200mm fan I removed actually could have been swapped around to the outside of the case, but this wouldn't have been aesthetically pleasing so I removed it completely. The reason I had to was in order to fit the hyper212 evo I had originally purchased. Removing the fan was no big deal though because there are mounts for 2x120mm fans and the bottom 120mm slot still had plenty of room even with the newer D14 heatsink.

What must be said is the BIGGEST heatsink that will fit in this case is a Noctua NH-D14. I was able to BARELY get my new NH-D14 to fit inside the case. Id imagine someone with a thicker motherboard or thicker cpu slot might have issues as one post is barely touching the slant of the bubbled window (the hyper212 was 1mm shorter and fit slightly better). You will NOT be able to fit any bigger air coolers. Also note if planning to use a Noctua NH-D14 you will need to use some maneuvering skills to slide the middle fan into the heatsink. The gap above the heatink is so small that you have to angle the fan clip just perfect to get it down in there past the top case fan, then it must be attached with a screwdriver (that part was alot easier then i expected though):

Theres only been a couple problems I have had with it like the audio jack cord is too short so I have to run it across everything which is irritating so i ended up not using it. Also sometimes if I am not careful because of the shape of the power button, if you press the corner in it can get stuck and force the computer to shutdown/reset. I have actually had my gigabyte motherboard re-flash the bios because of this (dual bios fixed itself so no harm).

One other minor issue is when you press the button to open a cd-rom/dvd drive, the door then blocks the button making it difficult to press it again to close it (some people would just push in the tray but i generally would try to push the button which is near impossible)

No other actual problems other then when the back (pci) slot covers are removed, they can not be placed back in and it does not come with any additional slot covers. So if you place your gfx card in the wrong slot and have to move it expect open holes in the back.

All and all aside from the mostly minor issues I have come across this case has been great. Over 6 months now case fans all work great still no weird noises. Temp gauge still a great feature never gets old. I enjoy that its got a good set of feet and kept well off the ground for decent airflow. It does have a mount for a fan next to the PSU but a modular psu is basically required in order to have room for this. It looks absolutely amazing would pair well with ROG motherboards (atleast the red one biggrin.gif).

Overall I dont think you can find a better deal for the cost. Mainly because of all the case fans being included and great expandability aswell as room to hide wires (not much but just enough). Its very difficult to find a good case that includes good case fans. Apevia seems to have done it here. If you need a budget case for a budget build with many great features. This is the way to go.

I hope that someday I can put some water cooling in it and let you all know how well a small rad will fit. I am sure it could fit an h100 or similar on top though without problems (has room for 2x140mm fans on top).

If you can deal with the minor problems I have stated above I am sure you wont be disappointed with this case. Great product! A+ thumb.gif
APEVIA X-Dreamer4 Series X Computer Case With Side Panel Window

Our X-Dreamer 4 provides the same quality and similar design as our previous X-Dreamer cases with some extra flash. An updated design makes this case appear more sleek and modern than the previous models with the power and reset switches encircling the front LCD temperature readout. This rock solid chassis features front accessible USB2.0 ports, a USB3.0 port, and high definition audio ports for easy use of peripherals, innovative 5.25" drop-down doors unify the color of the front panel, and built-in 120mm and 200mm fans add a nice breeze to your system. In addition, we have included a hot-swappable drive bay for either an external 3.5" or 2.5" hard drive. Our stunning X-Dreamer 4 is unbeatable on its value and quality.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureComes in five other colors: silver, blue, green, pink, and without window Color may vary by batch and/or monitor settings
LabelApevia Corp
ManufacturerApevia Corp
PublisherApevia Corp
StudioApevia Corp
TitleAPEVIA X-Dreamer 4 Metal Case w/ Side Window-Red
Item Height17.5 inches
Item Length19.5 inches
Item Width7.75 inches
ProductGroupPC Accessory
UPCList - UPCListElement837344002939
Item Weight16 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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