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ASRock H170 Performance/Hyper


Pros: Loaded with features and extras not often found on an H170 chipset board, BCLK overclocking, Gaming Armor, 10 phase power design, large heatsinks

Cons: Price, it costs about the same as some low tier Z170 boards. If you are using a K CPU or fast RAM you will probably want to go the Z170 route instead.

This has got to be one of the most feature rich products in this class I have seen. The build quality is top notch and the aesthetics are fantastic (if you are a fan of the color scheme). The BCLK overclocking is effective and allows for some very decent numbers even on non-K CPUs. While I would not really recommend it for use with a K class CPU it is about the best option you can find for non-K CPUs. It offers most of the same features found on much higher specced Z170 boards at a significantly lower cost. Add to that the gaming centric features of the board and over-engineered feature set and you have a very solid choice for pairing with the likes of non K i5 and i7 CPUs.

Like most intel 100 series boards out now (in the ATX/MATX form factor) it supports AMD's Crossfire for multiple GPU configs. With the RX 480 being so affordable and powerful this board would make a perfect partner for a pair of them.

I will be testing out the board in more depth over the next few weeks and add some performance/OC numbers.
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ASRock H170 Performance/Hyper

The ASRock H170 Performance/Hyper offers high end features at a mid level price while also including the ability to overclock your K or non-K CPU via BCLK thanks to it's Hyper BCLK Engine.

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